How to Live Royal: Book of Esther Bible Study for Teen Girls

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Book of Esther Bible Study for Teen Girls

We get to revisit the book of Esther today! Twice in one year, but totally different, too.

Remember when I reviewed Hadassah: Queen Esther of Persia over the summer? I explained then that I had the unique privilege of doing both a sermon series at church And preview a book of Esther Bible study for teen girls just before reading that fun novel?

Well, this is it! I am so happy to introduce you to Aminata and the first Bible study in the Girls of Excellence series.

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Royal: Life Lessons from the Book of Esther Bible Study for Teen Girl

What if you could unlock the secrets of being royal?

As a child of the King, you are a princess. But after centuries of sin, we don’t always act as a princess should. Learn some important lessons from Esther, the queen who saved her people and embrace your identity in Christ as a princess.

This book is a great Bible study for teen girl as young as 12-years-old and is ideal for them to use on their own or with mom. Learning these valuable lessons from Esther will benefit all of us!

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Royal: Book of Esther Bible Study ~ My Review

This Esther book study was really good. I found it in-depth – comparable to many of the big name ladies bible studies I’ve done through the years.

At the same time the author does a great job of explaining terms and concepts that many teens and new Christians may not be familiar with.

There were a good number of very thought-provoking questions and points to ponder. And making the connection from the theological information to the practical application was done well!

I found myself learning things from this book of Esther Bible Study that have surprised me, not having seen them in 35 years of active church life!

I agree with Bianca (below, age 14), this Esther book study is great for teens and adults!

Quote from Royal:Life Lessons from the Book of Esther

Royal: Esther Bible Study for Teenage Girl-In Her Own Words

I received permission to share my advance copy of this Esther Bible study with a couple of teen girls that I know. Here’s what they had to say:

I loved this Esther Bible study! it is perfect for teens that need to get back on the road to God. It gives you surveys that you can answer to see how many directions you need to follow God.

The devotion talks about how Esther became a Queen and how God protected her the whole way. She says you’re a Queen in training. We need to have patience and love on God.

This book put my eyes on God and not on my surroundings. This book is good for adults too, because it tells how you can take care of your teen.

Sophia, age 11

I love this Esther book study! It’s really good for teens and adults. It is about the book of Esther and how she saved her people, the Jews, from annihilation.

The book says we are “Queens in Training” and tells us how to be a queen! I mean, who wouldn’t want to be a queen?

The book also talks about how to keep being focused on God, and not ourselves. It is great for adults because it shows how to control that little rebellion personality in us.

Great for teens because it talks about what we go through as teens: drugs, sex, peer pressure, popularity, bullying, etc. This book really points away from all of that and into the greatness of our God. I would recommend this to my friends.

Bianca, Age 13

Their mom shared her thoughts as well:

This was a wonderful exercise for the girls. I am always on the look-out for devotions geared towards the girls age group. I am trying to help them gain a hunger for His word!

This devotion is a great way to teach them how to better understand the layers entwined in God’s Word, it’s timeless applications and how, like Esther, we may not see or hear God in a season of life but He certainly is always present.

I’m loving these life lessons from the book of Esther. It was a nice surprise to see them reading the books on their own and the smiles from their many AHA moments!

Sandy ~ Aka Mom
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Q and A with the Esther Bible Study Author

I’m excited to share this interview with you! I was able to chat with the author of this new Book of Esther Bible study for teenage girls:

We would love to hear a little about you, Ami!

I love reading. In recent years, God has given me a passion for studying His Word, so now that love of books includes the Bible. It wasn’t always there. There was a time when I thought the Bible was boring, but God has a sense of humor and has set out to prove to me otherwise. 

I live in Montego Bay, Jamaica with my husband and son.

How did you get started writing?

I was issued a challenge in my second year of high school. I had just finished reading a novel when one of my classmates asked how many books I had read up to that point. Honestly, I couldn’t remember. Her next words were: “You’ve read so many books you should be able to write one by now.” Until that moment I had never considered it, but her words challenged me and I started hand writing my first story shortly after that conversation (this was long before computers became a household necessity).

What made you choose to write a book of Esther Bible study?

I don’t know that I chose the book of Esther or it chose me. The idea popped into my head fully formed. I had actually been working on a completely different book—a novel—when the thought came to me that it would be good if the book I mentioned in the novel actually existed. I can’t say any more without giving too much away. Funnily enough, I started the Bible study about halfway into the writing of the novel. As you can see, the Esther Bible study is finished while the novel languishes on the back burners of my life.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating this Esther Bible Study?

I think it was the meaning of Hegai’s name. When I’m studying the Bible I like to know what a person’s name means because it helps me to better understand the character. When I saw that Hegai simply means eunuch it made me sad and I wondered if maybe Esther made him feel more like a person and less like someone’s owned property.

Royal:Life Lessons from the Book of Esther

You seem to have a heart for teen girls

I remember being a teenage girl who had no clue about God or what He wanted from me—even after I became a member of the church I had no clue how to be a Christian. I feel impressed to write books to influence girls who may be in that position.  Maybe I’m still writing to the Ami who was. Who knows? I just pray that God will use my words—well, His words, really—to reach His daughters.

What is the biggest takeaway you want to see teens owning after reading Royal: Life Lessons from the Book of Esther?

I want them to own their identities as princesses because they are daughters of a great King. I want this royal identity to seep into the way they dress, speak, and treat others.

Do you have another study in your heart, waiting to be written?

Oh yes, several more. God has already given me two other related Bible studies one of which I’ve already started working on. I’ve actually had to change the book cover as Royal is now book 1 of the Girls of Excellence series. I think there are only two more but maybe God is having pity on me and giving the ideas to me in small doses. Maybe there are more than three books in this series—we’ll see.

For More From the Author:

Check out this guest post over at Rock Solid Faith, a blog encouraging Young Christian Women Pursuing God. You can get a sneak peek at some of the moral lessons from the Book of Esther covered in this Bible study

Connect with Aminata on her website, also on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Until Next Time, Love God, Love Books, Shine The Light!!

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    1. It is! And while I have always loved the book of Esther, and studied it a few times, I learned things this time also!

    1. Cool, thank you for adding it to your list! I hope this study on the book of Esther blesses your readers!

  1. Great post, Aryn! I love the book of Esther. I didn’t realize until I was reading through the book again recently that God is not mentioned at all in the book. I found that interesting. I’ve read the book many times before but never realized that.

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  2. Thanks for a great review! I have an almost 11 year old granddaughter, and it was great to hear from someone her age review the book. I was thinking it may be too old for her, but I’m going to get it for her and save it for a few months. I especially liked learning more about Ami!

    1. You’re most welcome! And yes, I enjoyed both of the girls’ reactions! If you have a chance, check out Ami on Instagram. She shared a few short Devotionals and her accent is awesome!

  3. This book sounds amazing! I totally agree that when we truly believe the truth–that we are daughters of the King–everything would be different. We would act differently, dress differently, and talk differently. We would treat ourselves and others differently. Being Royal would change everything for us!

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