Tropical Target

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Tropical Target by Jennifer Pierce on tour with Celebrate Lit October 2023

Who knew wedding photography could be so hazardous to your health? Haley sure didn’t. She was just trying to earn a decent living, and next thing you know, her life is upside down and clearly in jeopardy! Don’t forget to enter the giveaway at the bottom of this post! About the Book Book: Tropical Target Author: Jennifer Pierce Genre: Christian Contemporary Suspense Release Date: September 26, 2023 Being accused of murdering a client isn’t good for business. Tropical islands are popular for destination weddings. But Le Cadeau Île won’t be a popular destination for long if Detective Noa Tanielu can’t find out who is … Read More

An Unexpected Gift

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An Unexpected Gift by Melissa Wardwell is on tour with Celebrate Lit October 2023

Hard to believe we’re already on book 7 of the Suamalie Islands Year One. The variety this series offers, with varying levels and styles of suspense, romance, and broken people finding healing. Or at least starting their journey in that direction. And today’s book is no exception! (Don’t forget to comment and then enter the giveaway at the bottom of the post!) About the Book Book: An Unexpected Gift Author: Melissa Wardwell Genre: Christian Contemporary Romance Release Date: August 29, 2023 Something’s up in Suamalie, and it’s looking like love! When Kiana, Lulu, and Meilani decide it’s time for the islands to have affordable … Read More

Room for Love

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Room for Love by Marguerite Martin Gray is on tour with Celebrate Lit August 31-September 13, 2023

A bed and breakfast on the beach, on a tropical island is the setting for this fantastic story. Our widowed B&B operator just sent her son off to college and is trying to find a new normal. In comes the hurting widow professor from Albuquerque, looking for a project and a place to heal. I love the way their friendship grows. Be sure to read all the way to the bottom and comment before entering the giveaway. About the Book Book: Room for Love Author: Marguerite Martin Gray Genre: Christian Contemporary Romance Release Date: July 25, 2023 God gave her peace then; maybe He’ll … Read More

Love Like No Other

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Love Like No Other by Tabitha Bouldin on tour with Celebrate Lit July 28-August 10, 2023

I really like how often Tabitha Bouldin writes characters who are in the process of working through big, painful issues. There’s depth and emotion and reactions that they’re not always proud of. But they don’t stay stuck forever, and they keep trying. Today’s book is another relatable struggle, and well worth reading. And as always with Celebrate Lit tours, there’s a giveaway, so be sure to comment (for extra entries) and then go to the giveaway link to register! About the Book Book: Love Like No Other Author: Tabitha Bouldin Genre: Christian Contemporary Suspense Release Date: June 27, 2023 Trying to overcome a past … Read More

Shelter of the Most High: Psalm 91 Brought to Life

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Bird sheltering nestlings overlooking the ocean. Caption: To dwell in the shelter of His wings

It’s a privilege for us to dwell in the shelter of the Most High. A gift, he has given us. As Beth Moore is so fond of saying, there ain’t no ‘high’ like the Most High! He is the Maker, Creator, Master, and Friend. Almighty Father Protector and Guide. For us to be allowed take refuge with Him, well, wow! I’ve spent a good bit of time on Psalm 90-91 lately (a prayer of Moses), with this post in mind. Psalm 90 talks about the Most High God, and His power and eternal nature. A plea to see God’s work, … Read More

Fear God Not Man: Encouragement, with a Challenge

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Fear God not Man, Bible verses about fear

When you fear God not man, you have so much more freedom! The pressure is so much lighter! To fear no one but God is an interesting dynamic, I think. Sometimes I manage to do this, and other times the fear of man (opinions, appearances, insults or even a general “hard time”) holds me back from doing what I know God wants of me. Sometimes, I would rather disappoint God, whom I can’t see, than those around me whose reactions are immediately apparent. But this passage really puts things in perspective! (Matthew 10:26-33 NASB) 26 “Therefore do not fear them, for there is nothing concealed … Read More

4 Practical Ruth and Naomi Relationship Principles to Live By

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4 Ruth and Naomi Relationship Principles

Retelling of Bible stories in another time period can be a powerful tool. Translating the Ruth and Naomi relationship dynamics into other settings managed to bring home the lessons all over again.   Join me today as we talk about 4 tried and true principles from the relationship of Ruth and Naomi. One of the greatest things about books set in other times and places, but based on Bible stories is that you aren’t tampering with the original, so anyone who’s nervous about Biblical fiction can safely enjoy it. You’ll see what I mean in the book below, based on the … Read More

Top 20 Christian Mystery Books To Read Now

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Christian mystery books

Well, it’s past time we talked about Christian mystery books. Mysteries can be so much fun, and when you find a good cozy mystery series or Christian suspense book, you’re in for a treat. Because you get to unravel a puzzle and build your faith at the same time. And what could be better than that? So let’s jump right into the best that these Christian authors have to share! Best Christian Mystery Books Here are the best books I’ve read, that fall somewhere between cozy mysteries and suspense books. That middle ground, with mild suspense, but not too much. … Read More

6 Queen Esther Characteristics: Key To Live a Quality Life

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Queen Esther Characteristics

Which Queen Esther Characteristics are the most worthwhile and transformative? And How did Hadassah become so captivating? Who was she? Did she really exist? Was King Xerxes truly so in love with her that he was willing to find a way to save a whole people group? And what’s the deal with Mordechai and Haman?? First let’s take a look at 6 vital character traits that we would all benefit from putting into practice. Then I’ll share a few of my favorite Christian Fiction stories of Esther. Characteristics of Esther in the Bible There are so many fascinating qualities to … Read More

Estuary: Oceans of Time, Book 1

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Estuary… It’s been years since I read the River of Time series that precedes this one. But I felt like I was coming home after vacation, or maybe on a trip with friends I haven’t seen in a decade. The atmosphere was familiar and comfortable, though I doubt Luci would call it comfortable. Being sucked into the past, in a foreign country can’t be considered either familiar or comfortable, but for her, it was just ‘right’ and I enjoyed taking the journey with her. From the comfort of my world of climate-controlled spaces and modern conveniences. About the Book Book: Estuary … Read More