13 Awesome Christian Kids Shows Worth Watching As a Family

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Christian Kids shows worth watching

Have you been looking for clean, faith-filled Christian Kids shows for your little ones? Christian shows for kids that they can watch, and learn from, both basic letters/numbers kind of things, and healthy interaction with family and friends and neighbors?

I want to show you some of my favorite Christian cartoons, that I actually enjoy watching with my kids. They are full of fun, imagination, moral lessons, and faith-building activity. And the occasional jokes that go over the kids’ heads, are still clean which I Love! (It drives me BONKERS when that’s not the case) 

Please note that this post contains affiliate links for your convenience. If you make a purchase through one of the links, I may make a small commission. I only recommend books and resources that I’ve enjoyed personally, or believe that you would like. You can read my full disclosure here. You will also find information on Scripture translations there.

Best Christian Kids shows

Christian Kids Shows With Family Values

Christian kids shows should have real Christ-like values. Because kids are always learning, and Christian cartoons can be an excellent resource in a parent’s toolbox! So lets dive in to some of the best Christian shows for kids these days.

*Note, many of these Christian kids shows are available on Prime Video, or with a Minno subscription.

Boz the Bear: Christian Cartoons Worth Watching

One of our family’s favorite Christian Cartoons is Boz the Bear. He is a big Green Bear who teaches his 4-year-old twin neighbors (Drew and Gracie) all kinds of things.

These Christian kids shows are filled with plenty of songs and activity, the kind you can easily move with (sneaky exercise, anyone?).  The family is complete with a mom and dad, and 2 grandparents next door, a dog and a cat, and plenty of friends.

The episodes are about 10-15 minutes each, and each one ends with a family prayer, either over dinner, or bedtime. The episodes range from letters and numberscolors and shapes, to apologies, helping, sharing, health, and noticing the ways God shows His Love for us.

My boys love to have pancakes with Boz, whenever they can. The beginning of the feature-length movie, Wowiebozowee Christmas, has Boz making pancakes for breakfast, so whenever I make pancakes, “I want Pancakes with Boz!!!” is shouted loud and clear, year-round.

Boz the Big Green Bear’s website also has activities and lesson plans with printables, and some games, all corresponding to the videos.

Clear Speech Benefit:

My son had a mild tongue tie issue, that wasn’t caught until he was 2 years old (Thanks again, Joyce!). Once that was fixed (by a wonderful dentist who didn’t even have to use anesthesia! Just a water/laser, and was done in 3 minutes), he still struggled with pronunciation.

He had learned to say a lot of words already, and relearning with more oral agility, was difficult. 6 months later, we received 2 of the Boz DVDs for Christmas, and by the end of January, I have to say, quite a bit of that was resolved! Honestly, Watching these Christian cartoons several times a week was the ONLY change, and it was pretty amazing to watch – well, hear, anyways!

Farming Parables With These Bible Cartoons

On The Farm With Farmer Bob is a remarkable collection of Bible cartoons and books. Amy Grant is a main voice, and  Randy Travis and Vince Gill sing the theme-song on these Christian kids shows.

They are now available in a Literacy Edition, too, with bonus features including movie play with a key letter highlighted throughout, say D, so Dog, or Doghouse etc, pop up on the screen whenever they are spoken, or shown in the scene. Also, fun short videos and bloopers are included.

A Friend Planting Seeds is a brilliant version of the Parable of the seeds (Matthew 13, Mark 4, Luke 8). Several animals trying to plant the field, following only part of the instructions, and recreating the conditions of the 4 types of soil. It’s dramatic, and worth considering our own ‘grownup’ actions through that filter of partial belief and obedience.

In Cock-a-Doodle-Doo the Right Thing, (Parables of Pharisee and Tax Collector) Hercules the Rooster and Sam the Ram both find themselves in embarrassing predicaments because they were NOT doing the right thing. Hercules’ pride gets in his way big time, (ouch!) and Sam learns his lesson when he finds money, and decides to spend it.

In LOST: A Sheep Story, the Parable of the Lost Sheep (Matthew 18, and Luke 15) it’s a very important couple of days on the farm, and Sam the Ram wanders off and gets Lost. Farmer Bob leaves the rest of the farm to muddle through, and goes in search of his lost sheep, who is naturally having a big adventure, and doesn’t quite get that he’s lost. (Feel familiar? Yeah, me too)

And then there’s Prodigal Pig. Which is just a hilarious way to tell the story of the Prodigal son, when you think about it. Porkchop leaves the farm in search of musical fame, while Jenny is looking for more recognition and favor at home on the farm. Come and see their faith filled in, when they realize the truth!

The Big Book of Fun Learning (School and Bible activities) is for kids 4-7, and is over 300 pages of fun!

The Books in a Box set, features the different animals in more stories, on 5 reading levels, for kids 4-8

Christian Kids Shows With Solid The-Owl-Ogy

Welcome to Owlegories! This series of Christian shows for kids is So Much Fun!

*Note, if you have Amazon Prime, you can watch the first 9 episodes of this set of Christian kids shows for free, currently.

Here is a group of young owls, who go to Theowlogy school. Their professor sends them out in each episode, to find connections, such as what The Sun and the Son (Jesus) have in common, or what we should learn from Ants and ButterfliesSeasons and Fire, etc.

In each episode, they have issues with an owl named Devlin, who thinks it’ll be easy to take whatever ‘treasure’ the class finds, and keep it for himself. He’s a pretty fun ‘bad guy,’ perfect for Christian kids cartoons. Not overly intense or creepy, just enough bad for the good to show up best.

At the end of each 12 minute(ish) episode, someone explains the story and the gospel. Once it’s Tony Evans, Once it’s Si Robertson. I really enjoy this series! It’s cute, well made, and there’s even a free app on iTunes and Google Play.

*There are lots of kids devotions out there. Here are some of my favorites!

Kingdom Under the Sea Bible Cartoons

I just discovered this Amazon Prime series of Christian Kids shows. There appear to be only 3 episodes, but they are really good! Each one of these Christian cartoons has catchy songs, a Gospel message, and layers of allegory. In fact, the boys are watching it again for the second day in a row.

The first one, Return of the King, might be a little intense (one scene reminds me of Scar’s lair in the Lion King) but the sacrifice, resurrection and forgiveness are well done. There’s a slightly ‘Noah’s Ark’ story, and then the third one is Christmas based. I tell you what. As a parent, I enjoyed every minute of this series, and the songs in the Christmas episode are hilariously appropriate!!

Christian Kids Books You Don’t Want to Miss

Christian Cartoons in Space: 321 Penguins!

I picked up a couple of VHS episodes of these Christian kids shows, and promptly ordered the DVD of the whole series. These space penguins and the twins (another boy and girl) get themselves into all kinds of pickles. Then they learn for themselves that Grandma’s Biblical wisdom is correct and applies to them in real life. Or that Saul’s Soda Fountain dispenses more than just stellar sweets, but solid advice too.

Hermie and Friends Christian Cartoons

No list of Christian kids shows would be complete without talking about Hermie and Friends. These Christian cartoons by Max Lucado are so cool! I’ve written about them before, and all the life lessons to be learned by the whole family. As a mom, whether I’m reading the Hermie books to the kids or watching one of the shows with them, I regularly find myself being reminded of God’s truths in ways I can apply myself. My sons also grasp the message too, in a way they can truly understand. The Christmas one is especially fun!

Bible Cartoons: What’s In the Bible? with Buck Denver

There are some good Bible cartoons out there (I mention a few here) but there are some really odd ones too. One of our all-time favorite Christian kids shows would be “What’s In the Bible? with Buck Denver” for sure!

This collection of Christian kids shows walks kids through what the Bible is, and the story of the Bible, how everything points to Jesus. They cover some hard topics (Kings and Chronicles, anyone?) but on a beautifully kid friendly level. The cast of puppets are hilarious and some parts may be a bit ‘too’ silly, though the truths will stick.

I would consider this series of Christian shows for kids to be worth watching as a family!

A library of printables for Avid Christian readers

VeggieTales Christian Kids Cartoons

I missed the VeggieTales craze of the 90s. I remember being 12 or 13, and my cousins who were closer to 16 were so mad that I didn’t know anything about VeggieTales. Looking back, I’m glad they did watch them, because I don’t think they ever had much exposure to the Gospel. (They were equally disappointed I didn’t know who Brittany Spears was)

My second encounter with VeggieTales was when my mom and I were teaching a 2nd grade Sunday School around 2005, and the Kids were arguing with us about Esther‘s story, firmly believing the VT version where Hayman is sent to the island of perpetual tickled. I don’t think it would be a problem in a Biblically grounded home, though, so I’m ready to try out a few of them.

I’ve since given them chance with my boys, and am very impressed. The songs are catchy, the animation is good, and the allegories parallel both Bible stories and Fairy Tale.

SweetPea Beauty has elements of Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and Beauty and the Beast, Sheerluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler of course talks about the Golden Rule, and I really liked all the issues LarryBoy finds himself facing!

Adventures in Oddessy Christian Kids Cartoons

Who doesn’t love Adventures in Oddessy? Whether you’re talking DVDs, Books or Audio, you can bet you’ll have a good time while building Christian character and Bible literacy.

You might blast through history in the Imagination station, deal with peer issues at Whit’s end, or have a family adventure. But no doubt about it, you’ll get an opportunity to apply whatever challenging theme in your own life.

Good for all ages, though some episodes are better suited to ages 8+

Where to Find Great Kids Content

Best Christian Cartoons for Older Kids

Christian Kids Shows for Older Kids

For the Older Elementary/Middle School group, finding Christian kids shows can be even harder. They’re too old to learn from some of the above, though that wouldn’t stop them from enjoying some, especially What’s in the Bible and Owlegories. Here are a few Christian cartoons that are written more for older kids:

Torchlighters Christian Cartoons

One of my favorite faith-filled Christian shows for kids are the Torchlighter Heroes of the Faith series (some episodes are also available free on Amazon Prime-currently).

These are half hour-approximately biographies of missionaries and historical greats, such as Jim ElliotCorrie Ten BoomJohn WesleyAmy CharmichaelSt AugustineEric Liddell… Some are even available in Spanish.

By nature, these stories are somewhat intense, so I would not recommend them for highly sensitive kids under age 8, personally. They’re very well done Christian kids shows, I really liked them. They don’t sugar coat what happened, but they handle it tastefully, at the same time. A great supplement to your study of any of these countries, time periods, or individuals!

Bible Cartoons for Older Kids: Superbook!

Some of us remember and enjoyed the original Superbook series from years ago. Well, It’s back. and better than ever! The animation and characters are updated and more relatable. If you don’t remember Superbook, a couple of schoolkids find themselves in a situation that tests their faith. Superbook takes them back to meet someone and witness the Bible events that will help them GET the truth.

There are Old Testament favorites like David and Daniel, and New Testament adventures like the Miracles of Jesus, The Damascus Road, and Revelation. There’s lots of drama, an AI Robot named Gizmo, and challenges to be met, both now and way back when.

StoryKeepers Bible Cartoons

This series of Bible cartoons is set during the early church period, and has several kids and a baker who are part of the underground church. While they deal with persecution and other drama, they tell each other stories of the faith. We own the Easter story and a couple of others, and my 7 year old loves them, asking questions and getting involved. The stories can be pretty intense, but then, so is real life!!

This Youtube channel seems to have many of these Christian cartoons, and some other neat Christian kids shows.

Cap’n Ben and the Magic Ship

Also on Youtube, meet Cap’n Ben. He’s a pirate-reformed, of course. Teaching kids to “Keep to the Code” of character, which is a valuable treasure you can take with you wherever you go.

Using the tools of fun, exploration and ‘magic’ (pretend and photo editing) Cap’n Ben draws kids in and finds parallels between everyday life and the Bible. Both my preschooler and mid-elementary boys loved watching this together, and are asking for more. We’ve watched the first 3 episodes, and thoroughly enjoyed them.

It’s not “All Bible, All the Time” but it’s wholesome and character building, and it relates the Bible to Real Life.

The captain's Code: Honor, Gratitude, Respect, Help, Courage, Humility, Growth, Rest

Christian Kids Shows for Middle School: McGee and Me

McGee and Me may be a bit dated as Christian kids shows go, but the issues are still relevant, and the story is fun. You’ll be most likely to find it at a thrift store, though Amazon has a few books still. This series covers everything from lies to sneaking out and more.

On RightNow Media, From the makers of DriveThru History, you can find a series called Bible Unearthed. It’s all about archeology and the Bible. The ways archeologists can prove the Bible is accurate, how the Bible can help them find sites to excavate, and recent discoveries. I learned a lot, and think it would be especially captivating at this age.

I will say my 9-year-old devoured it, and it held the interest of my 4-year-old long enough for his body to relax and fall asleep. It’s a fine balance to find a show that will captivate him without making him laugh every 30 seconds, allowing room for relaxation and sleep.

More Christian Shows For Kids

Here’s a few more Christian shows for kids that have me curious, but I haven’t had the opportunity to check out:

What are Your Favorite Christian Cartoons?

I hope these Christian kids shows will help you build faith-filled kids! I know they are supplemental, but when you can work faith-building into fun times, it often sticks better, I’ve found.

What about you? What do you use in those circumstances? Which Christian Cartoons are your favorites?

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  1. Hi Aryn!
    I love this post, and I am growing my website to eventually include video resources that grow kids’ faith, so I was definitely interested in your reviews! We have watched the Owlgories and love them as well!

  2. You should check out Paws and Tales. And when I was younger, I loved, Hanna-Barberas The Greatest Adventure Stories from the Bible. Definitely watch Friends and Heroes, and Carlton Heston’s Greatest Heroes and Legends of the Bible.

    1. Ooh, I’d forgotten about Hanna Barbera’s Greatest Adventure Stories. I think I still have my VHS copies from forever ago! Not entirely accurate, but very engaging.

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