Best Kids Christmas Stories That Inspire Faith

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Best Christmas Stories

Well, I only had my basket of Christmas stories out for 3 days, and I had already been “scolded” for not having a post up about my favorite children’s Christmas books. So I am putting together a list for your enjoyment. Took a few days, but I hope you find it helpful!!

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Christmas Stories You Won't Want to Miss

Christmas Stories that Retell The First Christmas

These are Biblically accurate Christmas Stories that are retold so well, and are a lot of fun 🙂
The Greatest Shepherd of All (a REALLY WOOLLY Christmas story) as told from the sheep’s perspective! This one is very neat, as the sheep have made a family tradition of retelling the First Christmas every year, and sharing the Good News.
The Berenstain Bears The Very First Christmas is an incredibly accurate retelling, down to the wise men going to a house, not the stable! I picked this one up recently, and was very impressed.
An Angel’s Story by Max Lucado is a heavenly take, an imaginative and very real backstory! Picture Christmas stories from Heaven’s perspective. Whether it’s exactly what happened or not, it will make you think!
Little Golden Books Christmas Favorites has 3 stories. The Animals Christmas Eve is a counting book (1-10) as the animals gather and retell their perspective. The Christmas story is an accurate account, and of course, this book also contains The Night Before Christmas. All 3 stories are beautifully illustrated, traditional and fun!
Badger’s Christmas Day is a very neat activity book. Badger is out ‘playing Santa’ for his friends, and every page has a pull out activity (an advent calendar, games, recipes) but at Owls house (because he’s so wise, of course), we get the nativity story. The true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas Stories That Explain Legends

These Christmas stories teach the Christian heritage of many traditions, and are both fun and fascinating!
These first 4 even had my husband asking questions, and learning things 🙂
The Legend of the Candy Cane (or on DVD) A candy shop man shares  the Gospel with a little girl (and a whole town) through the Candy Cane, from Jesus’ birth to his death and resurrection in a memorable way, with awesome illustrations!
The Legend of the Christmas Stocking teaches a young boy about the history of the stocking, and the generosity and sacrifice behind it. Who hasn’t wondered why we hang fancy socks by the fire?
The Legend of the Christmas Tree tells a whole family of the Christmas Tree and how it points to Jesus, the Trinity, and so much more connecting several points of history.
The Legend of St. Nicholas teaches another boy about talking to God, and genuine care for others. Family and those who need help, and looking beyond “My wants.”

The Christmas Flower a legend of the poinsettia, and how no gift given in love is too small.
The Pine Tree Parable is not a legend, but a great lesson in Generosity and Care.
God Gave Us Christmas is a trip through nature, pointing to all the ways we can see that God and Christmas are linked. 

Just Plain Fun Christmas Stories

Christmas with Boz also on DVD is a set of fun Christmas activities, but each page ends with “but there’s something even more special about Christmas!” Until the last page, which points to Jesus. “That’s what makes Christmas REALLY special” you can see other Boz DVDs here.
The Poky Little Puppy’s First Christmas where Poky learns the generosity and sacrifice of Christmas.
For the dog lovers, The Twelve Dogs of Christmas is hysterical. The Twelve Days of Christmas song, rewritten “five golden retrievers!” Nothing theological here, just fun!
If You Take a Mouse to the Movies in the tradition of the rest if that series, one thing leads to another, in progression until you are back where you started. Movie, popcorn, string to decorate the Christmas tree, ….popcorn, movie.
If you’re struggling with explaining the connection between Santa and St Nicholas and Jesus, check out Santa, Are You For Real?This dad does an amazing job!
A Christmas Prayer by Sanja Rescek is full of gratitude, going through many typical December events, and is so sweet. Another that I love the illustrations!

Christmas Stories in the Movies

Punchinello and the most marvelous gift is a movie you don’t want to miss! It’s Maker Day! A big celebration, with everyone sure that their contribution is most important. When things go wrong, will they connect that it’s not about ME?
A Fruitcake Christmas is Hermie and Wormie’s Christmas adventure. Will they learn to give, and forgive? Its not easy! Click here for some lessons I’ve learned from other Hermie adventures.
A Wowie Bozowee Christmas. Full of songs, traditions, practical lessons, and the true meaning of Christmas, we watch this one all year long! More about Boz here.
A REALLY WOOLLY Christmas. A few young sheep learn the real meaning of Christmas. One works hard for something he wants (which is not a bad thing, unless taken to extremes) only for it to be sold out. He forgot about the family gift exchange, and spent no time with friends and family for months! Grandma tells a story. Does he get it then?
Winnie the Pooh: Seasons of Giving OR And Christmas Too are both great stories. My favorite is Seasons of Giving because we go through fall and thanksgiving, all the way to Christmas, and learning about friendship. (not linking because the prices are outrageous!! I have an old copy.)
A Tad of Christmas Cheer is a Leapfrog adventure. It is along the lines of It’s a Wonderful Life. There’s a bit of a parallel universe (which appeals to me as a Star Trek
fan), and is actually helpful in preparation of a preschooler for a new baby!

Audio Christmas Stories

There are present day adventures, learning about Christmas, and several trips in the Imagination Station, to Bethlehem, to the Wise Men, etc. Excellent for travel! If you’ve ever listened to Adventures in Oddessy on the radio, you know how good these are, and if you haven’t you’re in for a real treat! 

I Hope You Found New Christmas Stories!

I hope you found some new family favorites here! These always make my family smile, ask questions, and engage in Christmas on many levels. I Believe they’ll do the same for you, if you give them a try!

And if you’re looking for full Bible Storybooks, or picture books that share the Real Easter Story, I’ve got you covered!

Merry Christmas!!

33 Comments on “Best Kids Christmas Stories That Inspire Faith”

  1. I love Max Lucado’s An Angel Story and God Gave Us Christmas has been read to my children since my oldest was a toddler! Such a great list of books. Thank you!

  2. Aryn, this is a great list. My mom buys all of the great grandchildren a book for Christmas. I can’t wait to share this list with her.

  3. Growing up my daughter loved “Adventures in Oddessy” on the radio. One of her favorite books was the “Legend of the Candy Cane.” This is a great list to choose from and some I had forgotten about that are great books! Thank You

  4. I love all these suggestions – I can’t wait to track down some of the titles I haven’t heard before. Thanks for sharing! My little ones will love these.

  5. What a great post, full of lovely ideas and resources. Max Lucado is a personal favorite! thanks for sharing!

    1. Boz is great! I’m a little partial, though, because it was shortly after receiving and watching one Boz movie several times that my son’s speech cleared considerably, and vocabulary exploded (in a good way)!

  6. What a great list of kid’s books. I am book crazy and had to recently buy a new bookshelf, which was obviously the only answer to all the books. Thanks for sharing with this at Sitting Among Friends Blog Party. I shared this today on my FB page. You’ll have to check out! Have a great weekend and a wonderful Christmas with your family.

    1. Of Course a new bookshelf is the only answer! I had another shelf given to me recently, and I’m working on stocking it 🙂

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