When God Convicts Your Heart: 10 Biblical Convictions To Live By

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Biblical Convictions: When God Convicts Your Heart

How do you live your Biblical Convictions? When God convicts your heart of something in particular, whether he wants you to stop doing something, or maybe step up and act, do you follow Him? I have to admit I don’t, always, but I’m doing better. And the book we’re going to highlight today, well, it’s a ton of fun, but it will absolutely challenge you to stand up and act on some of your Biblical convictions. When God Convicts Your Heart: Biblical Convictions To Live By When God convicts your heart, whether it’s something big or small, you’ll regret it … Read More

Oh, Gracious: A Modern Old Fashioned Relationship!

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Wondering if an old fashioned relationship would still work in the modern world? Do you want to see one lived out in all its old fashioned values? Well, Grace and Nolan have a few things to tell you. No. Not tell you. Show you. Because a good story shows the actions, relationships and feelings, instead of just telling you what happened. And Oh, Gracious is definitely a good story, with more than one wonderful old fashioned relationship, showing how old fashioned values never go out of style! About This Old Fashioned Relationship Story Book:  Oh, Gracious! Author: Chautona Havig Genre:  Christian fiction, contemporary … Read More

How to Find Joy: 2 Tools for Finding Joy In The Lord

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Yellow Background, Finding Joy: It's a Choice, It's a Lifestyle

“Finding Joy” by J.C. Lafler is a story about the challenge of finding joy in life’s most trying circumstances, and corresponding verses in the Bible that lead us to choose joy.

This book is inspiring, and filled with hope in the midst of trials. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a light read, willing to accept a personal challenge, and not afraid of a few tears!

Check Out Fatal Memories: An AZ Border Patrol Adventure

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Well, Today is #ChistianBooktober Day 24! We’re going to spotlight Fatal Memories: an Arizona Border Patrol Adventure! This one sounds like an edge-of-your-seat adventure, and in an area of Arizona that is very familiar to me. I’ve spent many happy vacations right there. It’s wild and beautiful, and completely different than my southern home environment! I wish I had signed up for this tour with Celebrate Lit and gotten to read Fatal Memories myself, but at least they are allowing me to share the tour with you all! About the Book Book: Fatal Memories Author: Tanya Stowe Genre: Inspirational Romantic Suspense Release Date: September … Read More

The Painted Castle: It’s Beautiful and Courageous!

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Well, It’s #ChristianBooktober 21st! A trip to The Painted Castle should do us all some good! Kristy Cambron does an excellent job with the travel arrangements! I mean, traveling about the world, and back and forth through time should be exhausting. But Kristy takes us on the adventure with a smile and a wink, and the only jetlag involved is that which comes from staying up too late reading (again)!!! (Who, me? Would I do such a thing?? Yes. Absolutely! 100%) This book is on tour with Celebrate Lit, and we are privileged to share a spotlight from them. I … Read More

The Vacant House by Tamara G Cooper

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Welcome to #ChristianBooktober Day 12! The Vacant House by Tamara G Cooper. This romantic suspense sounds like a lot of fun! Since I didn’t sign up for the tour, I am only spotlighting the book, but I plan on entering the giveaway so I might win a copy to read! (the Amazon.com gift card would be nice, too!) I hope you’ll enter also!  About The Vacant House Book: The Vacant House Author: Tamara G. Cooper Genre: Romantic Suspense Release Date: June 3, 2019 She knows she didn’t do it, but everybody thinks she did. It all begins when best-selling author Sophie O’Brion is the … Read More

Summer Flash Burn By Erin Unger

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It’s #ChristianBooktober Day 10: Summer Flash Burn by Erin Unger. This one looks action-packed! I have not read it, but am excited to spotlight it here during booktober! If you’re just joining us now, let me explain. For the month of October, I’m featuring many of the books on tour with Celebrate Lit. More than I could hope to read in a month, for sure, as I live the Homeschooling Housewife Life! There are also many books that are not my favorite genres. But that shouldn’t prevent you from hearing about new Christian books by some amazing authors. So, here … Read More

Retelling Fairy Tales: Once Upon a Christmas

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It’s #ChristianBooktober Day 9: Once Upon a Christmas. Without a doubt, these talented authors will whisk you into a wonderland, retelling fairy tales in a modern setting. The classic, timeless tales will come alive in new ways, reminding you of the One True King, who died for you, his princess. I’ve read other works by Toni Shiloh and Andrea Boyd, at least, and know they are worth spotlighting here! I pre-ordered my copy, and then I read it cover to cover in 3 days… Though, do ebooks have covers?? Don’t forget to enter the giveaway down at the bottom of … Read More

Frost Heaves: What is a Church Family?

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Frost Heaves-what is a church family?

#ChristianBooktober Day 5: Frost Heaves. It just might answer the question “What is a church family?” and what it isn’t! Don’t forget to enter the giveaway down at the bottom of the page! I love Christian fiction because you’re able to explore some tough subjects and see living examples of both sides! A family, and especially a church family is complex. Gaining perspective through fiction can be a big help! About the Book: Frost Heaves Book: Frost Heaves Author: Alana Terry Genre: Contemporary Christian mystery/suspense Release Date: March 15, 2019 Jade will do anything to rescue her daughter.Even risk her own life.Or take someone … Read More

Stitches in Time By Susan Woods Fisher

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Stitches in Time

It’s #ChristianBooktober Day 4: Stitches in Time. This Amish Fiction novel has a Foster-Family theme. During #ChristianBooktober, we get to check out all kinds of different books through Celebrate Lit Spotlights. I was able to get a copy of Stitches in Time from NetGalley, and I was very impressed. There’s so much more to this story than I thought at first! The last book I read by Susan Woods Fisher, Phoebe’s Light, was fantastic, so I knew that I would like this one is too! I am entering the giveaway down at the bottom of the post, I hope you … Read More