35+ Heartwarming Christian Christmas Stories To Start Your Holiday Right Now

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Christian Christmas Stories

If you’re ready for a few heartwarming Christmas stories just for you, you’re in the right place. Here, you’ll find some awesome Christian Christmas stories to get your holiday off to the right start. From historical to contemporary, comedy to cozy to miraculous, these Christian Christmas books will fill you with the Joy of the season, and a reminder of how awesome God is! And if you want a little something for the kids, these Christian Christmas stories for kids are awesome! Christian Christmas Stories: Fiction Christian Christmas stories can be a powerful medium to draw closer to Jesus. Let … Read More

The Title Wave

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Welcome aboard the Title Wave, a bookshop that sails from Island to Island. Ezra is in for quite the ride, between her dad’s wedding, her startup floating bookstore, and having ‘him’ return to the islands, avoid her, then need her help. Don’t forget to go to the bottom, leave a comment, and enter the giveaway! About the Book Book: The Title Wave Author: Chautona Havig Genre: Christian Contemporary Romance Release date: April 25, 2023 All he wants to do is help people, but local women want to help themselves… to him! When Henri Tupuola returned to Suamalie to open his holistic mental health clinic, … Read More

How to Make Time For Reading

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Rows of books: Make Time for Reading

So, you keep hearing about awesome books, but just wonder, in your busy schedule, how to make time for reading them? Between the chores and the church activities, work, and family responsibilities, I get it. Reading time is precious, and can get squeezed out if we’re not careful.  Maybe choosing to read isn’t always your first instinct, But if you take the time to read a good book regularly, you’ll be surprised how good you feel, and the cool things you’ll learn. How to Make Time for Reading More Books If you want to find time to read, you have to filter … Read More

Deep Dive into The Story Of Hagar in the Bible

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Who was Hagar in the Bible?

Who was Hagar in the Bible? How does the Hagar and Abraham dynamic and Hagar and Sarah conflict fit into the grand tapestry of God’s Word? Do you know just how special Hagar’s son truly is? Let me invite you into the new Hagar Bible study by Shadia Hrichi. It will answer these questions and so many more. If you like going “Behind the SEEN” you’ll love this study. Spend some time with Hagar and those around her. Together with many of those whose lives tell of a relationship with The God who Sees; It’s awesome! Walking through the pages … Read More

United Forces: Dystopian for Kids

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United Forces: The Underground Book Readers by Terry Overton on tour with Celebrate Lit April 20-May3, 2023

An unforgettable storyline with kids you may find yourself praying for accidentally (true confessions here, you guys!). Today we get to visit the Underground Book Readers Secret Society again, and see how they’re doing. If you recall, we first met them a few months ago, and I was eager for the opportunity to follow up with them. These kids are alone, with the “world force” in charge, but they have each other, and they have hope. About the Book Book: The Underground Book Readers: United Forces Author: Terry Overton Genre: Middle grade, pre-teen, teen dystopian Release date: March 1, 2023 In the second book … Read More

Wheelers Design: Pottery and Pineapples

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Wheeler's Design by Rachel Skatvold is oun tour with Celebrate Lit April 22-May 5, 2023

Tropical islands, an incredible opportunity shared well, a few misunderstandings, and some beautiful lessons from both pottery and pineapples shape Wheeler’s Design into a must-read story! I read it in one sitting, and am still thinking about some of the lessons and fun several weeks later. So sit back, comment, and enter the giveaway. Maybe you could request your local library purchase a copy. But find a way to get your hands on a copy of this one! About the Book Book: Wheeler’s Design Author: Rachel Skatvold Genre: Christian Contemporary Romance Release date: March 28, 2023 Clay is messy and so is Sabrina’s life … Read More

Reading With Your Child: How To Make It Awesome

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Reading with your kids: How to make it awesome!!

If you’re not part of the reading with your child club, please give me a chance to persuade you!There’s nothing quite like curling up on the couch to read with your child. Unless it’s when you reach a point where you take turns reading aloud while doing something else (driving, cooking…). Growing up, reading with my mom was my favorite part of the day. There’s the adventure, the closeness, something to talk about because of the shared experience… I’m a hug person, and my mom isn’t. But reading together was her way of hugging me. Up until I married, we … Read More

9+ Benefits Of Reading You Might Not Already Know

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Pile of books on a blue background: Caption: Benefits of Reading

If you already love reading, you know how many ways a reading habit can help. If you’re trying to convince yourself that picking up a book is worthwhile, then allow me to introduce you to the wonderful things that books have the power to do for you, if you let them! I can’t imagine a life without books, because the pleasure of getting lost in a good book is something I’ve known since I was very small. It’s been a part of my family culture my whole life. And helping people see how whatever subject you’re reading, books can work … Read More

10 Best Bibles for Kids That Are Worth Reading

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Woman holding stack of Kids Bibles. Caption: Bibles for Kids

There are so many Bibles for Kids out there. It’s easy to be overwhelmed when trying to pick a solid, accurate, but age-appropriate Bible to give your kids a good foundation in the Truth. And honestly, I just learned that one I thought was good, still managed to have an agenda other than sharing God’s Word with kids. So I know, the struggle is real. So let’s dig into some of the options, and pick a few that we can stand behind. Teaching Kids About the Bible The best way of teaching kids about the Bible is to actually read … Read More

The Truth About Judging Others

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Woman giving thumbs up and thumbs down. Caption: The Truth about Judging Others

Do you know the problem with judging others? Sometimes we’re not correct and our judgment of others often hurt them and sometimes ourselves. This idea of judging others is one of the themes I explored in my novel His Perfect Match. Brianna McPherson had been subject so many times to the judgment of others that she no longer cared about pleasing people, at least on the outside. What Does Judging Others Mean? The Oxford Dictionary defines the word judge as: To form an opinion or conclusion about. Isn’t this what we do every day, all day long?  We form an … Read More

Christian Moms: 7 Best Books to Read When Pregnant

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Christian Pregnancy Books and C-section recovery tips

Today, let’s talk about pregnancy as a Christian Mom. There are some pretty amazing Christian pregnancy books out there, both for moms and kids! I want to encourage you with some of the best books to read when pregnant, before you reach that point of overwhelm, if at all possible. If you can’t quite manage that, then read them anyways! Giving birth to a tiny human, made in God’s Image-Such a privilege, whichever way it happens! Mine were both c-sections. The first six weeks postpartum (or as my mom says, “Post Part’em!) are beautiful but far from easy!     You are completely … Read More