woman reading in a field, surrounded by stacks of books: Is that a Challenge?

Are you up for the reading challenge?

Life is full. We’re pulled in dozens of directions. And we don’t necessarily take the time to relax with a good book when that’s exactly what we need. Make a plan today, to add reading to your life. The ideas and challenges below may be just the ticket to changing your outlook on so many things!

Or maybe you’ve got too much time on your hands, and need a good way to fill it. Book friends can be a good outlet! Either way, there’s

So many books, so little time! Let’s get started on a 2022 Reading Challenge adventure now!

Reading Challenge Ideas

There are so many options and reading challenge ideas out there. A few of my favorites include:

Read through history: Choose how many books you want to read, and read your way through history. Whether you’re reading Biblical fiction or historical fiction, or even time travel, there are plenty of solid Christian books to fulfill this challenge!

Read an Author’s Backlog: Read all the books by a favorite author.

Just Like Me: Same name, state, job, hobby, etc.

Try Something Different: Read books in genres you don’t normally read, (maybe Christian fantasy or end times fiction? Or maybe books by and/or about people who are different than you.

How many mysteries can you solve this year? Here are some of my favorites!

Get the kids involved and make it a family reading challenge. Whether you’re reading together, or competing against each other, this can be so much fun!

Read with friends!

Come up with a prize, and put a little bit towards it as you finish each book that you read. That way it’s ready for you when you get there!

2023 Reading Challenge Bingo for Christian Fiction Fans!

It’s sort of a choose your own adventure reading challenge for adults:

  • You choose your time frame (are you going to get Bingo in a month? a year? a week?)
  • You choose your goal (horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or all)
  • And then you pick your prize (are you going to reward yourself with a new book maybe?)
Christian fiction book reading challenge bingo

Your Book Bingo Reading Challenge

Now, with one download, you have 2 separate reading challenge bingo boards!

  • Biblical Fiction Challenge
  • Christian Fiction Challenge

Each one can be experienced multiple ways:

Standard Bingo (across, up and down, or diagonal)

Or you can be more creative. Maybe you could score points for each row or column you fill, and reward yourself accordingly.

  • New book?
  • Booklight?
  • Movie night?
  • Special Dinner? (Try a recipe from your latest read?)
  • Putt-Putt with the kids?

Grab your Bingo Reading Challenge for Adults Christian Fiction Lovers Here

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Reading Trackers

Check out these great new reading trackers, or reading logs! Whether you only want to track your top twelve reads, or favorite book of the month, or you want to track all of the books, here are 2 simple trackers to do just that!

With the 80 book reading tracker, you can either write in the titles or just color in each book as you read. Maybe one color for fiction and another for nonfiction? Overachievers can print multiple copies 🙂

Your Information Will Never Be Shared With Anyone. You can unsubscribe at any time. My Privacy PolicyMailerlite Privacy Policy