Top 10 Faith and Fitness Devotionals and Programs Full of Grace For You

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Faith and Fitness Devotions full of Grace

If you’re anything like me, being active with faith and fitness can be a struggle. We get busy with all the ‘urgent responsibilities’ of life, and as Mark Batterson would say, become irresponsibly responsible, with an improper balance of our responsibilities.

You know, if we don’t wash the laundry, shop, and make dinner, who will? But today, let’s challenge the assumption that our faith and fitness are lower priorities, shall we? Let’s see just how awesome our God is, and find a fitness devotional that is inspired by Grace, and Christian fitness programs that are more than a bunch of exercises to Christian music.

Don’t get me wrong, Christian exercise programs can be very helpful, but today, I want to talk about faith and fitness from a heart standpoint, instead of a scale standpoint. Because the weight on the scale matters way less than the weight on our hearts!

Please note that this post contains affiliate links for your convenience. If you make a purchase through one of the links, I may make a small commission. I only recommend books and resources that I’ve enjoyed personally, or believe that you would like. You can read my full disclosure here. You will also find information on Scripture translations there.

Faith and Fitness Devotionals

Top Faith and Fitness Devotional Gems

We have to remember that God looks at the heart, and our motivation matters. If we’re trying to get fit to impress someone, or keep our husband from wandering, or soothe the pain of some hurt we’re carrying around, it’s going to backfire. We’ll fall off the wagon, or bail on our fitness workout routine in favor of something more comforting.

Faith and fitness will work together if we focus on the heart change and a healthy mindset first of all.

So let’s start with Grace-Filled Plates, the devotional that inspired this whole faith and fitness post. I was scrolling Facebook, and I ‘happened’ onto an invitation for the review/launch team for this particular healthy devotional. Something about it screamed “YOU NEED THIS” or maybe it was a whisper from the Holy Spirit. so I signed up. I am so glad I did.

Brandice’s Blog is now a favorite of mine, and I think you’ll soon be following her too!

Grace-Filled Plates

Grace-Filled Plates: Ditch Diets and Find Food Freedom through God’s Grace. What an incredible title, with content that fully lives up to the name!

You have to do the heart work, but having been in the launch team reading group, I’ve witnessed dozens of breakthroughs. At least, the ‘ah-ha’ moments that the team has been willing to share.

Each reading in this 30 day devotional is short, but powerful. I found myself reading ahead, several days at a time, until I hit one that I needed to soak in for a while. This book is going on my regular re-read list for sure!

The scripture and the devotion are meaningful, but the best part, is the GRACE IN ACTION section at the end. 2-3 sentences, but they’re solid gold! We tend to talk a lot about Grace as Christians, but sometimes, I’m pretty sure we have no idea what we’re talking about. Understanding God’s Grace through these simple challenges will blow your mind in the best possible way!

Focusing on small changes, and having a “WHY” that truly matters, beyond feeling good and looking great, this devotional helps us rely on God in all those moments that make the difference. Not beating yourself up for making a ‘mistake’ or falling off the wagon.

Whatever your body looks like, and whatever your mental body image is, I can’t recommend this faith and fitness devotional highly enough!

Or this CD by Ellie Holcomb. It puts to music all the feelings of ‘not good enough’ and God’s Great Grace! For example,

5 Day Faith and Fitness Jumpstart Challenge

Another cool fitness devotional you will find helpful is this one. It’s only 5 days, but maybe that is what you need. It’s not a big commitment, only 15-20 minutes at a time for 5 days, and you get to exercise and worship God!

This FREE 5 Day Faith and Fitness Jumpstart Challenge has a meaningful daily fitness devotion, five 11-minute workouts with easy variations, and Kristen is so encouraging! Worshipping God instead of our body image is so freeing!

And if you’re wondering how to do devotions in the first place, I’ve got you covered!

Faith and Fitness Workouts

Christian Fitness: Faithful Workouts For Christian Women

Apparently, faith and fitness is a popular topic, because an internet search yields over 340 Million results, and specifically for faithful workouts brings back well over 4.5 Million results.

I think it’s because we know there’s more to being fit than inches and pounds, so trying to find ways to weave faith and fitness together is important. A fitness devotional or exercise devotional would really hit the spot, right?

These Christian fitness programs are full of faithful workouts that put fitness and faith in their proper focus while helping us get our bodies moving!


I just discovered Fit2B and am loving it. The foundational 5+ course is helping me reconnect with my core after 2 C-sections and less-than-stellar care and medical/fitness advice. The instructor is regularly saying things about how our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Her goal is to help us recognize structure and positioning, make progress through gentle exercise, and be safe as we gain strength and health.

With dozens of courses, hundreds of workouts, and a few different membership options, there’s something for everyone in the shop. Even a special course for going through with your girls, on how their bodies work, and handling some awkward topics with grace!

SALE ALERT: Friday, 3/24/2023 through Monday, 3/27/2023 Everything at Fit2B is on sale 44% Off!!!

Faithful Fitness: Faithful Workout Bundle

Faithful Fitness is a faithful workout bundle of 11 sets of faithful workouts that are legitimately doable by the majority of women, even if they feel like it’s impossible. There’s a combination of chair workouts, walking routines, and faithful workouts for cardio and strength.

I think having easy and affordable access to dozens of faith and fitness workouts that inspire you to focus on God while taking care of your body is an amazing part of living in the digital age. Definitely an exercise devotional combo well worth experiencing!

Woman jogging at sunset. Faithful Finish Lines Christian fitness for Christian Women.

Christian Weight Loss Program: Faithful Finish Lines 2.0

Faithful Finish Lines 2.0 is a membership program that’s goal is to help you trade your guilt for Grace. If you’re tired of trying the same things over and over, and realize that willpower alone won’t cut it, then this membership might be the way to go.

Between the accountability, the strategic way they lay the foundation for a life transformed even before you start talking about food, exercise, or anything like that, and the Biblical truths that really help, I think this faith and fitness membership is pretty awesome.

The way they manage both fitness and food to include all physical fitness levels and nutritional plans is great. Whether you’re keto, WW, GF, or any number of others, this faith and fitness membership will still work!

Faith and Fitness: Books and Beyond

Other Great Fitness and Faith Books and Beyond

Now, health comes in many shapes and sizes, so whether you’re on a Christian weight loss, maintenance, or gain plan, it helps to have great fitness and faith books and tools. I’ve gathered a few of the best here for you:

Faith and Fitness Devotional Book and Blog: Compared to Who?

Compared to Who? is a blog by Heather Creekmore that’s loaded with body image resources for Christian women who desire fitness and faith in their daily routines. She’s also written a book by the same name, that I just purchased, and can’t wait to dive into! The first sentence of the sales page had me sold:

See your body image struggles as issues of the heart—then find freedom from body insecurity using five biblically rooted steps!

Body By God

This book, well the Bouncing Back from Pregnancy version at least, has had a tremendous impact on my fitness and faith journey. The scientific explanations (in layman’s terms) of some of the Old Testament dietary laws made me appreciate the Goodness of God even more than ever. And the practical, simple strategies make sense, which means we’re more likely to apply them, right?

One Small Change Cards

The One Small Change cards are an awesome resource for fitness and faith. Covering categories like praise, movement, food, organization and self care, these cards can go a long way to helping reframe our thought processes. Yes, knowing our goal is important, but sometimes it’s an overwhelming goal. Focusing on one small change at a time is an awesome way to make lasting changes!

Grace Goals 2020: This time it can be different...

Setting Grace Goals

Arabah Joy has created a workbook called Grace Goals. Now, it can be used to set any type of goal, from improving spiritual disciplines to completing a 5k, starting a blog, or getting your Faith and fitness groove going.

My ability to write personal goals that stick has increased significantly since completing my first Grace Goals workbook, where I began to understand the power of God’s grace and favor that’s available to us! And since it’s a digital download, you can use it over and over on many different goals!

Victory Over Emotional Eating

How often do we turn to the fridge or the snack cupboard when we’re not really hungry? Victory over Emotional Eating, whether you’re trying to soothe the pain of rejection, failure, or even boredom, there is another way! This 4-week course has videos, printables, Scripture, and prayer that work together to help you find victory over one of the most common problems we face in our weight loss journey.

Crisis-Proof Your Weight Loss

Similar to the Emotional Eating course, this Crisis Proof course deals with emotional responses, but specifically offers the help you need during times of crisis, whether we’re talking about the year 2020, or your own personal crisis of family stress, job stress, insert-your-own-category stress… We all know life can be stressful, and food is comforting.

But God is our real comfort, and he’s way better at it than the best double stuffed burrito or deep fried favorites!!

Faithful Finish Lines 7 Week Challenge

This one’s like a customized, guided challenge to change one area of your healthy faith and fitness journey. 7 Weeks to Christian Weight Loss is so much more than weight loss. It’s finding freedom in Christ, from your strongholds of insecurities and other discouragements.

These ladies have been through it all, and do not offer any instant success. No shame, no drastic changes. But they WILL challenge you to make small changes, and realistic goals.

Faith in Health Care

Christian healthcare ministries is a fantastic option for bringing your overall healthcare under your faith ‘umbrella’ so to speak. I’ve been with CHM for several years, and they’ve saved me $$$ in multiple ways, plus helped me educate myself, plus given me the opportunity to help many other Christians pay their medical bills every month.

Free Planner includes daily, weekly, monthly and 12 week planner pages, year at a glance pages, reading log, stewardship log. Make a plan and follow it imperfectly, or fail to plan and just let life happen to you...

Faith In Fitness Makes All the Difference

Now, we don’t have faith in fitness, because we know that our faith is in God. And our faith in God means that we bring our faith into every area of our lives, including fitness.

There should be no separation of faith and life. Our faith carries us through all kinds of situations, if we cling to our King!

So I hope you found something here to inspire your Christian faith and fitness journey! Please leave a comment letting us know which one(s) you picked, or let us in on your favorite fitness and faith resources, so the rest of us can benefit!

Until Next Time, Love God, Love Books, Shine The Light!!

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  1. Yay! Thanks for including my resources on your list! Hope you love Compared to Who?!! I also have a new book called, “The Burden of Better” and a podcast on these same topics if they’re helpful to your readers!!

    1. You’re welcome, Heather, I’m happy to include things that will help, and not shame us in our struggles! Whether that’s a fitness devotional, class, book or podcast! The Burden of Better sounds awesome.

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