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Christian Book Reviews For Fun and Faith-Building

Reading is what I do. The Bible, and just about any other (clean, preferably fiction) book I can get my hands on. With well over 2,000 books, I consider myself a Library-an. I’m here to share my favorites with you.

I approach almost everything that I read listening for God’s voice, learning about myself and others in the process. By reading fiction this way, I am able to make learning so much more fun.

And if learning isn’t fun, then there is something wrong, in my opinion! So I started this Christian Book Blog to share my Christian book reviews with anyone who is interested.

Who I Am

A Picture of Aryn the Libraryan, Host of this Christian Book Blog

I’m Aryn, Stay-at-Home wife and mom to 2 boys.

If you are looking for encouragement, entertainment and spiritual growth, you have come to the right place!

Meeting the Needs of Bookish Christian Women, One Page at a Time is more than a tagline to me. It’s why I blog.

You can read more about me here.

Purpose of A Christian Book Blog

I started this Christian book blog, Aryn The Libraryan, because sharing Jesus Christ and Good Books are my favorite things to do.

The main purpose of Aryn The Libraryan is to provide Christian Women with quality books and resources for spiritual growth and healthy families.

Browse around the Christian book reviews and choose a new friend~I mean book~and enjoy! Please let me know if you need any assistance!

Recent Christian Book Blog Posts:

childrens books with life lessons

The Best Children’s Books with Life Lessons for the Whole Family

It is always amazing to me, how God works to multiply His message. Isaiah 55:11 says: “so My word that comes from My mouth will not return to Me empty, but it will accomplish what I please and will prosper in what I send it to do.” I always get excited when I see or experience that playing out. He can have someone write children’s books with life lessons that apply to the kids and adults equally, and have both the mom and her little ones get the ...
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Andrew Huff’s Christian Suspense Begins With A Cross to Kill

Happy Summer!! Of the many things I am thankful for, one is the opportunity to read amazing books, and Andrew Huff’s books, A Cross to Kill, and now Cross Shadow, do NOT disappoint. It’s a memorable and exciting series, and totally hilarious! A Cross to Kill challenged me, made me shake my head a few times, and had me laughing out loud more than once. It takes a really good author to manage all that ...
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Baby's First Bible Stories

Say & Pray: Baby’s First Bible Stories

Baby Bible stories may seem a little silly, but these youngest kiddos are sponges! And Baby’s first Bible stories are precious gifts. When my first baby was born, I just read whatever book I was reading out loud. Got a lot of reading done while he was nursing and playing. But with my second, that wasn’t going to work. So I started being more intentional. And reading today’s tour book, I must say it was ...
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Bible Characters and their stories

Bible Characters and Their Stories: 7 Reasons We Need to Know Them

Today, let’s welcome Katrina D Hamel, as she introduces us to some amazing Bible Characters and their stories. Then, we’ll get started on her book, As the Stars, for our first book club read! Chances are, if you’re here on Aryn’s site, you’re a Christian fiction lover. If we were sitting over coffee right now, we’d have so much to chat about! That’s one of the best things about books—we can share adventures and experiences ...
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A Great Bedtime Bible Stories Book: God’s Words to Dream On

Bedtime is an EVENT around here. Snack, Teeth, Books, One more drink of water… I’m always on the lookout for another great bedtime Bible stories book to read with the boys. So when Celebrate Lit offered a couple on tour, I signed up! (The second one is a Baby’s First Bible Stories book!) Please note that this post contains affiliate links for your convenience. If you make a purchase through one of the links, I ...
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Oh, Gracious: A Modern Old Fashioned Relationship!

Wondering if an old fashioned relationship would still work in the modern world? Do you want to see one lived out in all its old fashioned values? Well, Grace and Nolan have a few things to tell you. No. Not tell you. Show you. Because a good story shows the actions, relationships and feelings, instead of just telling you what happened. And Oh, Gracious is definitely a good story, with more than one wonderful old ...
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6 Best Devotionals for Homeschool Moms to Keep Jesus Close

Today, let’s talk devotionals for homeschool moms. We get overwhelmed, and we don’t need to be! There is a certain pressure in life, that we’ve gotta do it all. Keep a well-run house, play with the kids, educate them both academically, spiritually, and with morals and life skills, take care of our husbands and extended families, and have a rich spiritual life at the same time. We feel responsible for maintaining balance, being ‘all-in’ where ...
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children reading, Best Easter Story books

The Real Easter Story: The Top 10 Best Easter Story Books

The Real Easter Story is so special. I don’t think we truly grasp just how privileged we are, to have such free access to forgiveness and love. And if we as adults struggle with wrapping our minds around it, then we need to think about our kids. The meaning of Easter for kids can be overwhelming. But, between the ages of 4-14, they are far more likely to understand and accept the truth, and run ...
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But God: Choose Faith Over Fear and Rejoice!

Life can be scary and full of stressful things, whether natural like hurricanes and tornadoes and viruses, or manmade like terrorist activities and wars. But the God who created the world HAS NOT ABANDONED US! I’ve always been fascinated by the many times in Scripture where something awful is happening and then, my 2 favorite words: But God (But The Lord) But Jesus Then the whole story changes. There is rescue. There is hope. A ...
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What Makes a True Friend? Visit the Land of Twilight and See

Middle school is a tough age. (And probably every age group after that, too…) There are physical changes happening, and expectations rise. Add in a cross-country move or something, and man, look out! When you’re going through all of that, you really need a friend. But what makes a true friend? How would you describe a true friend in 10 words or less? And then, the hardest question. Do you show any of the qualities ...
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Featured Finds for Christian Readers

As a voracious reader, I come across amazing book and non-book resources from time to time. I enjoy collecting them to share with you. If I really like them, I might become an affiliate, but no matter what, I won’t recommend anything I don’t have personal experience with or think is wonderful. You can read my full disclosure here.

Woman jogging at sunset. Faithful Finish Lines Christian fitness for Christian Women.

The women over at Faithful Finish Lines are incredibly encouraging. There are several free Challenges, an amazingly supportive Facebook group and then… Then there’s the other resources! Connect the will and the spiritual aspects of your health and see great things happening!

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