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Floating hearts backdrop: Best Christian Romance Novels and Should You Read them?

17+ Best Christian Romance Novels, And Should You Read Them?

An interesting topic, contemporary Christian romance novels. There are pros and cons, and I think it’s time we discussed them. Some people love them, and lose themselves easily between the pages. Others find it both invasive and unrealistic. This debate has a lot of truth on both sides, and I want to do it justice. So please, read the whole post before you decide if Christian romance books are worth reading. Please note that this ...
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children reading, Best Easter Story books

How to Teach The Real Easter Story For Kids: 10 Best Easter Story Books

The Real Easter Story is so special. I don’t think we truly grasp just how privileged we are, to have such free access to forgiveness and love. And if we as adults struggle with wrapping our minds around it, then we need to think about our kids. The meaning of Easter for kids can be overwhelming. But, between the ages of 4-14, they are far more likely to understand and accept the truth, and run ...
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Understanding God's Grace: How to set goals and achieve them

How to Set Christian Goals: Understanding God’s Grace is Key

Okay, so this is a little hard to write. I’ve been ‘in church’ since well before I was born. But in over 30 years, I was still childlike in understanding God’s grace and favor. I’ve had the Sunday School answer, a simple, childish acceptance, which is great, but we’re called to a combination of childlike faith and spiritual maturity. (Matthew 18:2-4, Ephesians 4:11-16, Hebrews 6) I didn’t know what I didn’t know. But now I’m ...
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Christian Beach Reads on a sandy background

Welcome to The Independence Islands (Must Read Christian Beach Reads)

Welcome to the Independence Islands. An imaginary set of islands off the coast of Georgia, populated by the imaginary friends of some fun Christian authors. We get to tag along on some fantastic adventures in daily life. These Christian beach reads will challenge your faith muscles, have you laughing and crying, and basically cause you to take an escape from reality that better prepares you for real life. Please note that this post contains affiliate ...
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Plan to Achieve Your Goals, How to Write Personal Goals in life and stick to them

How Do You Plan to Achieve Your Goals? Setting Personal Goals in Life

How much alike are we? Have you been struggling with how to write personal goals in life that you can stick with for more than a few days or weeks? I know that for me, I spent years not even bothering to set personal goals in life. I didn’t see the point, or if I did, I assumed that I wasn’t capable of success. Then I began to understand the value of setting goals and ...
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Christian Kids shows worth watching

13 Awesome Christian Kids Shows Worth Watching As a Family

Have you been looking for clean, faith-filled Christian Kids shows for your little ones? Christian shows for kids that they can watch, and learn from, both basic letters/numbers kind of things, and healthy interaction with family and friends and neighbors? I want to show you some of my favorite Christian cartoons, that I actually enjoy watching with my kids. They are full of fun, imagination, moral lessons, and faith-building activity. And the occasional jokes that ...
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How to Live Royal: Book of Esther Bible Study for Teen Girls

We get to revisit the book of Esther today! Twice in one year, but totally different, too. Remember when I reviewed Hadassah: Queen Esther of Persia over the summer? I explained then that I had the unique privilege of doing both a sermon series at church And preview a book of Esther Bible study just before reading that fun novel? Well, this is it! I am so happy to introduce you to Aminata and the ...
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Gratitude Journaling Benefits

5 Gratitude Journaling Benefits You Need to Know and The Best Gratitude Journal Choices

This fall I started something new. I’ve known the importance of gratitude but now I’m discovering more practical gratitude journaling benefits – And I am loving the process! For at least 15 years now, I’ve kept a (semi-consistent) gratitude text message conversation with 2 friends, and have seen first-hand the gratitude journaling benefits that has provided. Because there were days when one of us {read me} was in a funk, and got mad when someone ...
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Queen Esther Characteristics

6 Queen Esther Characteristics We Should Be Practicing Now

Which Queen Esther Characteristics are the most worthwhile and transformative? And How did Hadassah in the Bible become so captivating? Hadassah, Queen Esther of Persia. Who was she? Did she really exist? Was King Xerxes truly so in love with her that he was willing to find a way to save a whole people group? And what’s the deal with Mordechai and Haman?? Let’s take a look at 6 vital Queen Esther characteristics that we ...
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Telling the Christmas Story for Kids

Telling the Christmas Story: 35+ Best Kids Books for Advent

Well, I only had my basket of books for telling the Christmas story for kids out for 3 days, and I had already been “scolded” for not having a post up about my favorite Christian children’s Christmas stories. So I am putting together a list to help you with telling the Christmas story for kids in your circle of influence. Took a few days, but I hope you find it helpful!! Please note that this ...
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