3 Biblical Allusions In Christian Fiction To Keep Watch For

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In my opinion, Biblical Allusions are one of the best things about reading Christian fiction. I find Gospel parallels in literature are a great educational tool.  

You can find out more about why authors use Biblical allusions in literature and those best Gospel Parallels below the book review, but first:   From Celebrate Lit, here’s the latest in Christian Allegory / Fantasy and Gospel Parallels!

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Girl Archeron green background. The Arrow Bringer is a 7 hour read, fascination point: by Chapter 2. Recommended for Narnia fans

Bible Allusions and Biblical Parallels in The Arrow Bringer

A new Allegory inspired by The Chronicles of Narnia, but an absolutely different and unique allusion to the Bible. Definitely a bit more mature material here. I can’t remember if they specifically said how old the main characters were, but I got the feeling that they were upper High School.  

The Bible allusions and Gospel parallels are well placed throughout the story, with a few great Narnia allusions that make it all the more fun.  

The Arrow Bringer is a representation of God the Father, which is one of the more common Bible allusions out there. However, in this book, they are So well done that, while several biblical allusions examples are not directly quoting the Bible, many principles and truths are expressed clearly.  

There were many predictable elements, but I was also caught off guard several times, and delighted by a few episodes (laughed out loud more than once!). A couple of them were Gospel parallels that I maybe should have expected, but I was so into the story that they surprised me perfectly!  

I highly recommend the Biblical parallels of The Arrow Bringer to anyone (over say 15) who loves Narnia, Allegories, Adventures and Sword fights, Biblical parallels, faith and courage tested, etc.

The Arrow Bringer book tour Banner

About Today’s Book Packed with Allusion to the Bible

Book: The Arrow Bringer

Author: Lisa Mayer

Genre: Allegorical Fantasy

Release Date: March 19, 2019

Evie could’ve saved Aletheia. Now it might be too late.

Evie Lewis has just been diagnosed with leukemia at sixteen. Then, a powerful being called the Arrow Bringer offers her a choice: spend her last days in peace or save Aletheia. She stays. But then Shawn Lawrence—the closest person she has to a friend—goes in her place.

Now Evie must save Shawn and race to fix her mistake as a shadow falls over Aletheia. Even as leukemia consumes her body, a new enemy and more imminent perils pursue her. And she must endure all and save Aletheia while keeping her darkest secret:

that it’s all her fault.

Click here to purchase your copy.

Why Do Authors Use Biblical Allusions in Literature?

That’s a great question. If you’re leary of reading say, biblical fiction, then you may wonder why do authors use Biblical allusions in literature?  

The best thing about Christian allegory books is the way they use allusion to the Bible to put Biblical truths in another context. This makes them more understandable to a wide audience.  

The biblical parallels in Narnia of creation, God the Father/God the Son, Heaven, etc are so clear and touch-able that they become more real to the world than they were before.  

Or the plot of satan to take over and control us/destroy our freedom as one of many Gospel parallels in the Lord of the Rings.   We all need the hope of Aragorn and the Return of the King.

One of the most important and most common biblical allusions is that our Savior lives, and is coming back!   That’s the best part of Christianity! So finding Gospel parallels in literature, whether it’s meant to be there or not, is exactly how I read!  

Biblical Allusions Definition:

If you want a lay Libraryan’s Biblical allusions definition, here goes:

Biblical Allusions Definition:

A reference to events in the Bible, without a direct quote. Stories with Biblical parallels and allusion to the Bible that don’t strictly duplicate Scripture.

  Man under a cherry tree. Amazing biblical Parallels in the Arrow Bringer

3 Biblical Allusions To Watch For

Reading books filled with Biblical allusions will change your life for the better. As Aslan said,  

“This was the very reason why you were brought to Narnia, that by knowing me here for a little  you may know me better there.”  

So these 3 Biblical allusions are ones to keep an eye out for as you read:  

  1. Jesus: Resurrection, Sacrifice, Compassion…
  2. God: Creation, Loving Father, Outside of Time…
  3. Miracles and Parables: Healing, Wisdom, Truth…

First, Biblical Parallels to Jesus. It takes a lot of doing to accurately capture the essence of Jesus when crafting an Allegory. Gospel Parallels like Aslan, Aragorn, Justus (The Arrow Bringer in the flesh) The Breather (Milana Legends), to name a few, do not point us to their authors, but to Jesus Christ. And they do a great job of it!  

Second, Bible Allusions of God the Father. The Emperor over the Seas, the Arrow Bringer, they are Love. Creator, Guide, Willing to Get Involved. They didn’t “wind up” their little world and sit back to watch, any more than God Almighty did.  

Third, Allusion to the Bible Events like Parables and Miracles. Breaking curses, freeing Captives, resurrections and bottles of oil that don’t run dry. God is invested in our lives. These kinds of allusion to the Bible in literature are nothing if not inspiring to weak faith!  

The Arrow Bringer has these Bible allusions in unforgettable array!  

The Arrow Bringer book quote

The Best Gospel Parallels And Biblical Allusions in Literature:

There are so many great Bible allusions to choose from, including Narnia and LOTR (and of course The Arrow Bringer!).  

Great books with allusion to the Bible can really inspire actionable faith, if you let it.

The Best Biblical Parallels I could suggest would be anything on this list of Christian allegories, which is loaded with my favorite biblical allusions examples from children’s books to those for a more grown-up audience, plus:  

The Sword of Lyric Series, which is about an average soccer mom, pulled out of this world into another. She sees the allusion to the Bible everywhere, from the habit of reciting scripture over a meal, as a family to the child in the “temple” who will grow up to be the Savior.  Gospel Parallels if I’ve ever seen them!

If you have teens, then please don’t miss The Dragons in our Midst series! It is packed with Gospel parallels and an incredible view of history from one who lived through most of it!   I love the allusion to the Bible throughout this series. Some are obvious but others are less blatant, and more background, making this one great even to share with unbelieving teens!

Again, The Arrow Bringer is a remarkable story. I look forward Impatiently to the next book in the series! The Biblical Parallels call me closer to Jesus, and I am all for that!  

Until Next Time, Love God, Love Books, Shine The Light!!

16 Comments on “3 Biblical Allusions In Christian Fiction To Keep Watch For”

  1. A friend of mine really loves these type of books and her daughter does as well but she’s 11 however her reading level is far above that. I need to see if she’s heard of this one.

    1. Awesome! I always read well above grade level too. ??
      Considering some of our family read aloud choices, this is mild. I only mention ages for ratings so you’ll not be surprised!

  2. I’m really interested in this book! I love fantasy and allegory, and I think the plot sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing this review!

  3. All of our children (and mom and dad!) loved hearing the Narnia stories! I’ll have to dig them out for our granddaughters. Our adult bible study just read a revised version of Pilgrim’s Promise, and I’m not sure if that is similar to what you are describing, but we all loved it and wanted to turn around and reread it immediately! Thanks for these suggestions of new books to check out.

    1. That’s the sign of a good book. When you want more so badly that you are ready to start at the beginning again! Biblical allusions in the Pilgrims Progress stories are awesome too!

  4. Sounds like a beautiful book! What could be better than sharing something that helps us understand more deeply the love between us and Jesus?

  5. Sadly, present day readers are going to miss biblical parallels in literature because we are becoming a culture characterized by biblical illiteracy. Thanks for celebrating the beauty of reading a text on multiple levels!

    1. This is true. It’s vital to spend time in the Word, or we will miss so much! Biblical allusions can make everything so much richer!

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