I’ve been thinking about starting a Christian Book Club for a while now. But the logistics and fear have kept me from starting one.

What platform should I use? Which book will they like best? Will anyone join in? and so many other questions.

But today, I’m Choosing Faith over Fear, and away we go! It’s past time for this Christian book blog to have a book club 🙂 Are you ready?

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Christian book club for bookish Christian women. Woman lying in the grass reading a book.

Christian Book Club 101

Let’s cover the basics of our Christian Book Club.

First, How are we going to do this BookClub?

A combination of Instagram and Goodreads. Both platforms are free, and easy to use. If you’re not already a member, just click the links here, and sign up for a free account. Feel free to reach out if you need help.

Aryn’s BookShelf, The Christian Book Club is all set up over on Goodreads, a private group where we can talk about #allthethings God lays on our hearts as we read. We’ll have fun, and make friends, and draw closer to God through the pages of great books.

Who knows, there might even be giveaways and prizes! Just answer the question about books, so I know you’re a real person who’s actually interested, and I get a few new book suggestions!

I’ll post over on Instagram too, some of my favorite quotes and questions, and maybe even do a video or two… we’ll see. If the kids are occupied and the to-read –I mean the to-do list isn’t too long 🙂

Second, Who’s Invited?

Bookish Christian women who want to draw closer to God and enjoy great books at the same time. We want to have fun, and build our faith and hope and trust in Jesus as we read. Invite any ladies you think will enjoy and benefit from this group!

Third, What’s Required?

  • Buy or borrow the book (in most cases, your local library is more than happy to buy books suggested by their members).
  • Read the book…naturally 🙂
  • Enjoy discussing good Christian books with like-minded bookish Christian women. It makes all the difference in the world to have someone who really understands, join the journey with you. Ask me how I know…

Well, I’ll answer. I’ve spent most of the last 30+ years reading books with my mom. we talk about them and compare notes. Share a random line that made us laugh. If something hit a nerve, or totally confused us, we have someone to discuss it with. It’s great. And I’m ready to experience that on a larger scale.

Who’s with me? You are? Great: Join Aryn’s Bookshelf: The Christian Book Club Today!

Christian Book Club: Wild Goose Chase: Reclaiming the adventure of pursuing God

Our Current BookClub Pick: Wild Goose Chase

The Instagram votes are in, and we’re going to read Wild Goose Chase by Mark Batterson. I was a little surprised, but challenged by the nonfiction vote, and am very excited to start this book.

Are you ready to reclaim the adventure of pursuing God? According to the back cover of the book, in our journey of following the Holy Spirit, there’s going to be some mystery. Some danger and unpredictability. Most of us will have no idea where we’re going most of the time, but circumstantial uncertainty also goes by another name. Adventure.

Let’s aim for 1 chapter per week, beginning August 8th!

Wild Goose Chase is available through Amazon as a paperback, kindle ebook, or audiobook.

Wild Goose Chase is available on SecondSale, a secondhand bookstore with free shipping

So stop by my Instagram and make sure you’re following, and join the group over on Goodreads. Wouldn’t want to miss out on all the Christian Book club fun, now would you?

I would love to read the whole book together, but since that’s not possible, here’s a powerful excerpt of Chapter 5:

Previous Christian Book Club Picks

To get us started on this Christian Book Club adventure, I chose As the Stars, which is a unique blend of Biblical fiction and devotional. Blend is probably the wrong word, because it’s distinct, each Biblical fiction retelling is separated from the devotional. Compilation maybe? Anyways, it was an awesome experience, and if you have the chance, you should definitely read it!!

A library of printables for Avid Christian readers

What’s Next?

Well, Stop by in July, and vote for your favorite Christian book club pick for our next great read! It’ll be an adventure to build faith and allow for relaxation too! Until then,

Until Next Time, Love God, Love Books, Shine The Light!!