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I’ve been looking forward to this for months, and it was worth the wait. This Bible study gets you learning and thinking. There’s not a lot of ‘in book’ reading, but plenty of Bible reading and historical research to keep you learning and growing.

I hope you enjoy today’s tour, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

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Ephesians: Real World Bible Study by Joy Suzanne Hunt on tour with Celebrate Lit February 23-Mar7

About the Book

Book: Ephesians (Real World Bible Study)

Author: Joy Suzanne Hunt

Genre: Bible Study Guide

Release Date: December 15, 2023

Real World Bible Study Book cover: Ephesians 7 lessons for group or Individual Study, by Joy Suzanne Hunt

God’s Word + YOUR Real Life

If you’ve ever had trouble building a Bible study habit or understanding God’s Word for yourself, you’re not alone. But God’s Word was actually written about real life, for real life! It’s meant for the real world!

Connect with God’s Word in 15 min a Day

Whether you’re a Bible Study veteran, or you’re brand new and don’t know where to start, this study guide is for you. In this study, you’ll learn the steps to understand Scripture for yourself and connect it to your life and community. Each week, you’ll complete 5 days of study on your own (in manageable chunks that allow you go to deeper if desired), followed by a group session to explore the text with friends or family, because we interpret Scripture with the help of the Holy Spirit and community. Click here to get your copy!

My Thoughts:

This study is flexible. It’s laid out what to do if you can only attend group sessions, have only a few minutes each day, 15 minutes daily, or have time to dive deeper and take as much time as you want. I appreciate that as life happens, and Bible study is important, but not feeling pressured to put in 45 minutes a day is very helpful.

I like the way the study is laid out, with reading the passage each day, sometimes half a chapter, sometimes the whole chapter. This brings familiarity which makes everything make more sense.

Also, the emphasis on understanding how the original hearers would have understood the message before we try to interpret it into our current century makes a big difference. The historical notes included make this more accessible for those with limited time.

I received a copy of this book and chose to review it here. All thoughts are my own.

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About the Author

Author image: Joy Suzanne Hunt. Woman with long hair smiling, sunglasses on top her head

Joy Suzanne Hunt is the Pastor of Adult Education for CityWide Mosaic Church in Temecula, CA and a professor with SoCal School of Ministry.  Her mission is to equip men and women to take ownership of their lives, faith, and finances. When she’s not teaching, writing, or coaching, you can find her walking her Temecula neighborhood, trying out crockpot recipes, or playing board games with friends.

More from Joy

As a Bible college professor, I’m always looking for books written “by the seminary guys but for normal people,” meaning that I want the best scholarship and teaching out there, written in a way that everyone can understand. (Let’s face it: even if you’ve been to grad school, chances are reading someone’s PhD dissertation isn’t actually fun for you.)

And as a pastor, I choose study guides for our small groups that help teach members how to study the Bible and give them a framework to build Bible study into daily life. My favorite study guides pull in great background information and teach hands-on study skills, and are structured in a way that helps readers to spend time in God’s Word every day (whether they spend 5 minutes or 30). This study was born from our church calendar: all of my favorite study guide series’ are 13-week studies, and I needed to plan for a small group series that would last 7-8 weeks. What do you do when you can’t find the book you want? You write it, of course!

This study guide is built around the “3 Steps to Interpret a Bible Passage” that I’ve been teaching to my School of Ministry students for years. If you’ve never looked into the historical context of a passage on your own and made the connection to our lives today, you’re in for a treat. Getting into the context really makes God’s Word come alive for us and it helps guide how we handle difficult topics. I hope this study leaves you hungry for more – and armed with the tools to encounter and interpret God’s Word for yourself every day.

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