If you’re looking for some fresh words of faith and hope, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find a curated selection of amazing books and resources designed to build faith, and hope, and courage, and so much more!

Good books are filled with words of faith and hope, encouragement and inspiration. Sometimes they can be very challenging too. Let’s open some pages together!

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Woman sitting on cliff under the stars, reading a book: Words of Faith and Hope from the best Christian books

Words of Faith and Hope for Christian Women

As Christian women, we often get so busy doing life, that we run dry. We could really use some words of faith and hope on a more regular basis. Here are a few things that should hit the spot:

I just finished reading the Serenity Landing Second Chances Compilation. In a day and a half. nothing else got done… It’s 3 books that are closely related to each other, and tie in to a greater ‘Crowns and Courtships‘ series, though each book does stand on its own. And all point to our value as daughters of the KING of KINGS.

This set focuses on second chances, so the first one’s about a single mom, the second, a single mom and a single dad, and the third, well, that one’s a little more complicated. But each one shows that God’s working behind the scenes. While he might not swoop in and save the day in the form of a multimillionaire, movie star or Crown Prince, he does have a plan and a purpose and a future for you. After all, he specializes in Second Chances!

Reclaiming Hearts by Carol Moncado
Discovering Home by Carol Moncado

Here’s a way to turn whatever you’re reading into a devotional! And if you want, I’ll send you occasional email devotionals inspired by whatever Christian fiction I’m reading at the moment.

Words of Faith and Hope for Mothers

If you’re a mom, you most likely NEED to hear some words of faith and hope right about now, am I right? Well try this:

From the very first CD I ever owned:

Books of Faith and Encouragement for Kids

As Christian moms, we are especially conscious of what our kids take in. Finding words of faith and hope to pour into our kids is an important part of our daily responsibility. Please allow me to make that just a little bit easier for you:

Noah’s Invisible Adventures By Brooke Hamlin is the story of a blind boy and his amazing adventures of imagination. But then, the story turns to Jesus. And how Noah, because he can’t see, has a firm grasp on faith in practical terms. So his eyes of faith are already trained, so trusting an Invisible savior leads to even more wonderful imagination adventures. It’s beautiful and challenging!

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Noah's Invisible Adventures By Brooke Hamlin-Faith for Kids
Noah's Invisible Adventures By Brooke Hamlin-Faith for Kids

Words of Faith and Encouragement for Teens

Teens and young adults need encouragement, probably more than any other group, as this is such a transformational time. We’ll be featuring some fantastic words of faith and encouragement for teens every month.

The Missionary Kid Chronicles is written by a US missionary to Thailand. It’s set in Thailand, centering around a missionary family. Told from the perspective of the 13-year-old son, Chaz, it was hard for me to put down. It deals with a lot of tough issues like gangs and prostitution, handled very well.

Chaz deals with a lot of typical teen stuff, from girls to dishonesty, to trusting God beyond what you can see.

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Missionary Kid Chronicles: Doing what his mom asked was usually much easier than regaling her with his Genius problem solving.
Missionary Kid Chronicles: A dog and a machete. What more could a guy ever want?

*If you’re looking for some of the Best Middle-grade books, I’ve got 100+ for you!

Words of Faith From the Bible

Whether we’re talking Bible Study, Devotionals or Biblical Fiction, there’s nothing better than words of faith from the Bible!

Words of faith and hope straight from the source, are a soothing balm when we need them the most!

Daughter of Cana by Angela Hunt is one book that blew me away. Tasmin was just out to find her brother Thomas, and bring him home, away from that Crazy Rabbi that had such a huge following. As she travels with Jude, who’s off to bring his wandering brother home, they both learn a few things, though it takes them 3 years to come to grips with the Truth.

This one was full of words of faith and hope. It challenged my beliefs, and made me stronger!

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Daughter of Cana: Faith is believing that Hashem is willing and able to do the impossible.
Daughter of Cana: My mind blew open. HaShem didn't want my tithes...prayers...token coins...HE wanted ME. All of Me.

That’s Aryn’s BookShelf

Well, that’s what I have on my BookShelf for now. I hope you found a special word that spoke to you! Come back again and see what’s new!

And let me know if there’s a particular category you need recommendations for!

Until Next Time, Love God, Love Books, Shine The Light!!