The Word That Came Off The Page And Into Our Hearts

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The Word That Came Off The Page

Today, we have a special treat! We have a guest post from Bailey, who blogs over at The Thin Place. today she is sharing with us about The Word! A great way to prepare ourselves for this Christmas season!

The Word that Came Off The Page

The following is an except from my upcoming devotional, “His Name Shall Be Called.” I hope you will join me in intentionally preparing our hearts for Christmas by studying the names of Christ this Advent. Click here to sign up to receive a free copy of the ebook devotional upon its release.  

When I taught English grammar, I began each year by reading the beginning of the Gospel According to John. It was a simple passage. Familiar to most of the students but yet, it took on a new meaning as we read it in the context of a language class.

The Word Became Flesh

It’s a familiar passage but the words are foreign to us.

The Word?  Yes, the Word. The Word which all other words point to.

Flesh? A word became a human body? We are startled into focus by these words.

While the other Gospels begin with angels and open their scenes in Bethlehem, John starts by telling us of the Word.

This is one of my favorite names of Jesus. The Word. When God revealed Himself to us, He chose to do so through real, literal words. That gives amazing dignity is weight to the words we use. As a writer, I feel an immense weight in how I represent the Lord through word.

The Word Became Flesh

Unlike my words, this Word, the Word of God, didn’t just stay on the pages of John, He began flesh and blood and dwelt in our midst. He put on skin and relied on His mother, slept in a manger, and labored through His days. He sweat and cried and served and loved extravagantly.

When people were hurting, He healed them. Where there was hunger, He fed thousands. When our souls were far from God, while we were still His enemy, He sacrificed His life to atone for our sin and restore our relationship with Him.

The Word put on skin and loved and in doing so, set an example that makes me ask; Am I doing the same?

We are flooded with words all through the holiday season. Commercials craft tales of families filling in what once was awkward tension with words of love. We sing of peace on earth and joy filling the world. Our mailboxes are filled with the lovely cards we send each other wishing well. Unlike many seasons, this is a season where kind words flow aplenty.

But do we put these words on? Does your life reflect the words of the season.

The Word Became Flesh and Dwelt Among Us

What do these words mean to my day? What do these words mean to my attitude?

Does it mean that today, I must choose to put on my words by imitating the Word?

When I imitate Christ, I cannot just speak of love, I need to do the hard, messy work of putting on love like a garnet and humbling myself so that I can truly love the least of these. Wishing peace is not simply enough, I must absorb the pain that others have dealt as Christ did on the cross to bring peace to the heartache around me. I can sing of joy all day but if I am not living out the joy I sing of, what good is it?

God is faithful. He doesn’t just talk a bit game, He does the hard work of putting on the flesh and living out His mercy, living out His love when it demanded His all. Let’s do the same.

Let’s humble ourselves to lowly places, manger places, and let’s put our money where our mouth is.

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About Bailey

Bailey’s journey began in Michigan, where she grew up as the oldest of 10 (yes, ten) children, and has led her to Hawaii and back again with her husband and two dogs. After spending a few years in Hawaii working for a local church, Bailey developed a passion for Church history and the liturgical calendar. She loves drinking excessive amounts of coffee, collecting old books, and camping. She writes at The Thin Place about her faith, hospitality, and fertility journey.

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  1. This line jumped out at me, “I can sing of joy all day but if I am not living out the joy I sing of, what good is it?” This is an area that I need to work on.

  2. Wow! So powerful and such a great reminder of what we should be striving towards everyday. Thank you for letting God’s words speak through you in this post.

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