Don’t Blame the Mud: Teaching Kids About Sin and Salvation

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There’s nothing more important (or intimidating, it seems like) than teaching kids about sin and salvation. If they don’t understand what sin is, why would they want salvation?

And there’s a difference between head knowledge and heart knowledge for sure!

We can know something with our heads, and not accept in into our hearts. I have a book to share today that might just help with teaching kids about sin and salvation on a very practical level.

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Little boy covered in mud. "a book for teaching kids about sin and salvation

Teaching Kids About Sin and Salvation

I found this book to be simple and relatable. Teaching kids about sin and the guilt that comes with it in very practical terms. But it definitely does not leave them there.

Teaching a child about salvation with this book is entirely possible. The progression is fast, because it is a short story, and can’t possibly convey the many similar experiences beforehand. But that’s ok. The truth is that God pricks each heart at different times. When a heart is ready, the experience isn’t slow.

I found the illustrations engaging, and the story easy to follow. I could relate on a personal level to Max. His good intentions and getting distracted by something fun.

The Mud “monster” is great! Really helps get the point across just with the illustrations.

I would recommend this book to any elementary kids. My 6 year old enjoyed it, and has asked to read it several times already. We will read it often.

If you want to know more about Jesus, here’s a walkthrough of the 3 Steps to Salvation. (there’s a free printable over there too)

About the Book

Don’t Blame the Mud: Only Jesus Makes us Clean

Marty Machowski helps parents talk to their children
about temptations, choices and consequences

For young readers and families, Don’t Blame the Mud paints a vivid and accurate picture of sin and God’s plan of redemption. Written by best-selling children’s author Marty Machowski, this beautifully illustrated picture book teaches children how to recognize the lure of temptation and the truth that bad choices lead to bad consequences.

One day, Max takes the muddy path along the creek home. He disregards his mother’s reminder to keep his school clothes clean. After crashing into a mud puddle, he tries to hide his mistake. He discovers the stain of his sin goes deeper than the mud he can wash away. In this lovable, relatable, and heartwarming tale, Max learns his heart needs to be cleaned. nd Jesus is the only one who can wash away his sin.

By clearly articulating the gospel, Don’t Blame the Mud helps parents create an environment of confession so kids can own up to their own mistakes—in the freedom of Christ—rather than place the blame elsewhere. Parents, teachers, and caretakers can help children identify with the real-life draw of temptation and the real-life consequences of sin. Helping them understanding the value of God’s salvation through the cross. Instead of teaching kids how to deal with a problem, Machowski uncovers the real issue of sin and provides a gospel answer.

More Fantastic Resources for Teaching Kids About Sin and Salvation

About the Author Behind Don’t Blame the Mud

Marty Machowski is a Family Life Pastor at Covenant Fellowship Church in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, where he has served on the pastoral staff for thirty years. Machowski leads Promise Kingdom, the gospel-centered children’s ministry of Covenant Fellowship. He is the author of numerous resources for churches and families. This includes The Gospel Story for Kids series, The Ology, and Parenting First Aid.

His latest release is the children’s picture book, Don’t Blame the Mud. Machowski and his wife, Lois reside in West Chester, Pennsylvania. They have six children and two grandchildren.

He is also the Executive Editor for Children’s Resources at New Growth Press. Learn more at his website. He can also be found on Twitter (@MartyMachowski).

About the Illustrator of Don’t Blame the Mud

Craig MacIntosh is the illustrator of Don’t Blame the Mud. MacIntosh was a newspaper political cartoonist and illus­trator for 22 years and the artist for the widely published comic strip Sally Forth. He and his wife, Linda, live in Minne­sota and have two grown children.

Muddy legs and bike. "don't blame the mud" (a book for teaching kids about sin and salvation)

Are you Ready for Teaching Kids About Sin and Salvation?

It can be intimidating teaching kids about sin and salvation, but when you have tools like this; and when you remember that it is God who gives the increase, its way less stressful.

What are your favorite books that teach a child about salvation?

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11 Comments on “Don’t Blame the Mud: Teaching Kids About Sin and Salvation”

  1. I love that this book teaches kids about sin and salvation. Most of the books my kids have are bible stories but not stories that relate to their daily life. I just give them insight on the story. So this is great!!!

    1. Exactly. We do have several books that cover more practical faith in daily life situations, but it’s harder to find those sometimes.

    1. ??? Thank you! I’m so glad you are finding good books here! And teaching kids about sin and salvation doesn’t have to be hard, with books like that!

  2. This is a great, comprehensive post Aryn! Pinned.

    Such a good time during the summer to sit down with our kids and dig in a little deeper on these issues. We cannot just assume they are going to get this stuff in church or Sunday school. We are responsible as parents to be the leaders in this area.

    Thanks for linking up at InstaEncouragements!

    1. Exactly. Parents are responsible for teaching kids about sin and salvation and many other things. We sometimes forget and yield our responsibility to others, then wonder why we aren’t getting the results we want. “Don’t Blame the Mud is an excellent asset in your parenting toolbox!

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