6 Helpful Facts About Christian Healthcare Ministries That Changed My Life

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Christian Healthcare Ministries

I discovered Healthcare Freedom about 3 years ago. And I have not looked back! I found CHM Christian Healthcare Ministries when I was in a bad spot, and needed something quality yet affordable. 

I’m not one who likes secrets, so when I find something really cool, I have to share it (hence all the book reviews!). My experience over the last several months has me eager to talk about this with everyone, so here goes!

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Christian Healthcare Ministries: 6 Facts that Changed My Life

6 Facts About CHM: Christian Healthcare Ministries Reviews

When I began the process of sifting through various Christian healthcare ministries reviews, I checked into the 3 major companies. Samaritan Ministries, Medi-Share, and CHM. Whether you call them Christian healthcare ministries or Christian health insurance reviews were not plentiful.

So I spent a lot of time directly on their websites, doing cost and coverage comparisons. I also spoke with a few friends with different groups. For my family, Christian Healthcare Ministries won hands down. Here’s why:

Fact #1: Christian Health Ministries are Biblical

Christian Healthcare Ministries is a Healthcare cost-sharing ministry based on Galatians 6:2 and Acts 2 and 4. We are commanded to bear one another’s burdens, and today, healthcare is a burden for sure! This group of Christians around the world work together to take care of each other’s bills. It’s practical, leaves you feeling Good when you pay that monthly gift ‘bill’ and so cool to be able to help one another in so many ways. Christian Health Ministries are filled with practical grace!

Fact #2: This Christian Healthcare Ministry Actually Cares

Every time I have called the Christian healthcare ministry office to ask a question, I have felt like a person of value. Not just a number or an interruption. They are pleasant and take the time to look up or otherwise locate a helpful answer for me. Besides paying each other’s medical bills, there is a monthly prayer page. We are given names, situations, and addresses.

We can lift each other up in prayer, and send encouraging notes. Many of the names featured are ones whose bills would otherwise be shareable, but it was pre-existing or something, and so we may choose to support them through extra giving if we want.

Fact #3: Christian Healthcare Ministries Offers Freedom to Choose

  • You choose your Plan (Gold, Silver or Bronze)
  • Then You choose the Doctor
  • You choose the Lab
  • And Then You choose the Best Procedure*

Your healthcare decisions are between you and your doctor. Other than not reimbursing you for certain things that are typically caused by less than Christian behaviors, they don’t get involved in your medical decisions. (Please read the guidelines so that you know what is and isn’t included!)

*My oldest was 2 years old when we figured out he was tongue-tied. The pediatrician sent us to an E.N.T. specialist. He was willing to take care of it [approximately $3,000, if I remember correctly], and with the self-pay discounts, we would have been completely reimbursed. However, because CHM members are technically self-pay, the Doctor recommended we see a Pediatric Dentist.

From the E.N.T.’s perspective that was the best option for our boy’s health (not having anesthesia, etc.), and thought he was saving us money, not understanding how CHM works. We found a pediatric dentist with loads of experience doing this procedure on that size child and did it on the spot for $500. In that instance, the choice that benefitted my son most also saved my fellow believers around 3k! The $500 was not enough to qualify for sharing, but it was the best decision. So having some savings is a good thing!!

Faithful Fitness for Christian Women

Fact #4: With Christian Health Ministries, Sharing Is Easy

When we first started I took the time to study the guidelines, so I was familiar with what to do.When I became pregnant, I made a phone call to confirm I understood the process for Christian Healthcare Ministries Maternity program, and then filling out a few forms. When we had to take the newborn to the childrens’s hospital for a very aggressive infection, I called CHM on the way, and they said “no worries! Just take care of him!”

As soon as you know you are expecting, or have another type of event, download and complete the Needs Processing forms. Start this process right away. As soon as you have your itemized* bills, scan them as PDF documents. Log in to your account, click submit medical need online, locate your file, upload and submit!

Fact #5: Christian Healthcare Ministries is Educational

I didn’t know just how much I took the doctor’s word for things, until I became responsible as a steward of the community’s funds in a way. I:

  • Began asking more questions about what truly is necessary, and beneficial.
  • Read bills more closely.
  • Make phone calls and do price comparisons.

It isn’t some nebulous company’s money, it is my Brothers’ and Sisters’ hard-earned money, I must spend it wisely.

Fact #6: Christian Healthcare Ministries Cost = Incredible $avings!

Christian Healthcare Ministries has saved us SO MUCH this year. A lot of credit is due to the education I mentioned in #5. For example, the self-payment agreement for the hospital was almost $5,000. However, by making that agreement, and having the savings to pay before taking our newborn home, actually saved us and the rest of CHM an additional $35,000 just for the use of the hospital facility!

All told, between the whole maternity process and our ER visit with the newborn, our self pay expenses were in the neighborhood of $17,000. Of which, we should be completely reimbursed. Altogether, before discounts, which I didn’t know I could ask for before joining CHM, the total was close to $60,000!

7 Tips for Getting the most out of CHM

Bonus Tips for getting the most out of Christian Healthcare Ministries

  1. Local labs often have the best self-pay rates, compared to national chains. I had one set of labs that a national chain lab said would be $1092. At the panic on my face, the admin gave me the name of a local lab. Same exact tests: $332!
  2. Or try Direct Laboratory Services (really neat program!)
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask about Self-pay discounts! Most places have them.
  4. Confirm clearly when they expect payment! (Not understanding this almost cost us $35,000 on ONE bill!!!)
  5. *Make sure all bills are itemized, and include medical code, [correct] Date, and amounts.
  6. Build a medical savings fund. CHM Reimburses you, on most eligible bills, but it takes about 4 months to receive that check.
  7. Label your PDFs specifically with the Event [maternity, or Joe broken arm, etc.] bill name, and amount, so you can keep track and its easier for you and CHM to identify files when looking for something.

No matter what else you do, take the time to familiarize yourself with the Christian Healthcare Ministry guidelines, so you know what is included in the plan you choose!

Bonus Savings

Here are a couple of Bonus savings I’ve discovered since joining Christian Health Ministries:

Bring A Friend to CHM Christian Healthcare Ministries

For each friend who joins Christian Healthcare Ministries using your membership number, and remains a member for 3 months, You will receive a free month! (which is why my link has my membership number coded in, though I would share this with you even without this awesome benefit! )

Dental Savings

Because of the way the Christian healthcare ministry is run, most dental work isn’t covered. But through some research, I found these awesome dental discount plans that have saved my family a ton on some major work, and a reasonable amount on routine cleanings and checkups.

Until Next Time, Love God, Love Books, Shine The Light!!

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11 Comments on “6 Helpful Facts About Christian Healthcare Ministries That Changed My Life”

  1. My family is enrolled with CHM. We’re still learning the ins and outs of it, so this blog post is quite helpful. The concept is so different from standard insurance. Thanks for writing this!

    1. I’m glad you found this helpful! It’s a great program and community, and I’m so happy to be a part of it.

  2. We are a part of Medishare and LOVE it! We have saved so much by joining them. Thankfully, we are pretty healthy people so we don’t go to the doctor much at all. We just put the savings we have from switching from insurance into an account and use that to pay any bills. The simplicity is amazing.

    1. Awesome! I looked at Medishare, though I ultimately went with Christian Healthcare Ministries. I have friends on Medishare, some of whom speak very highly of it. And as long as you build up some medical savings, you can definitely benefit from the programs, and be able to help other Christians at the same time!

  3. Great info on CHM. I have a friend who is a part of their program and she likes it just as much as you do!

  4. My husband recently changed jobs, and we looked into Christian healthcare ministries. My son is medically complicated, so it turned out to not be the best option for us, but I really loved what I saw. I think it could be a great option for some families.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that. I know ‘pre-existing’ makes everything more complicated, even with Christian Healthcare Ministries.

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