Aiming For Love With 3 Funny Light Hearted Books

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Fun Light hearted books full of adventure

Here’s a series of funny, light hearted books well worth reading!

I couldn’t put Aiming for Love down. It might have something to do with walking a baby who wouldn’t sleep, needed to be walked, and I can still navigate the house while reading on my kindle. But I doubt it. I think it was the storyline. It was very compelling!

Brides of Hope Mountain is a unique historical romantic comedy trilogy of funny light hearted books. I’ve now gotten to read all 3, and couldn’t put them down.

We have one of those fun combinations today. It’s a Celebrate Lit Book Tour Spotlight for book 1, and I received a copy of all three books from Netgalley, so I could share my thoughts with you also! (Updated September 2020)

Aiming for Love quote: Her happiness caught in her throat in a way that felt like it could lead to tears. Which would just be a pure waste of time!

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Funny Light Hearted Books full of Historical Romance and Adventure

The 3 Nordegren girls have lived on Hope Mountain alone since they were little. When people show up, ready to move in, their whole world changes.

Knowing just that much, I had to read this series. Turns out, they are most definitely funny light hearted books, with a serious message of faith and trust.

About Book 1: Aiming for Love

Book: Aiming for Love

Author: Mary Connealy

Genre: Christian Historical Romance

Release Date: October 2, 2019

Aiming for Love

Josephine Nordegren is one of three sisters who grew up nearly wild in southwestern Colorado. She has the archery skills of Robin Hood and the curiosity of the Little Mermaid, fascinated by but locked away from the forbidden outside world–a world she’s been raised to believe killed her parents. When David Warden, a rancher, brings in a herd much too close to the girls’ secret home, her older sister is especially frightened, but Jo is too interested to stay away.

 David’s parents follow soon on his heels, escaping bandits at their ranch. But his father is wounded and needs shelter. Josephine and her sisters have the only cabin on the mountain. Do they risk stepping into the world to help those in need? Or do they remain separated but safe in the peaks of Hope Mountain?

Click here to get your copy!

My Take on Aiming for Love

Aiming for Love combines all the wonder and curiosity of a toddler with the skill of an experienced woodsman (or in this case, woodswomen). 

Jo captured my heart from the beginning of the book. Her isolated life creates a very observant young woman who is torn between her caution and her curiosity. 

Her confident faith, despite a lack of knowledge is inspiring. 
The family dynamics of the three sisters are well played. Love and drama. Fear and hope. Fun and frustration. 

Dave was a very entertaining character for me. Strong and confident but so totally puzzled by these women on the mountaintop!

While some parts of the story seem to go rather quickly, I still found it believable in context of the time and setting. 

As soon as I finished reading, I looked up the sequel, because the buildup was pretty intense. It will be available in March. I’m counting the weeks! 
A few threads were neatly tied up, but the stage is only just set for the bigger plot. Definitely a great start for this trilogy of funny light hearted books!

Aiming for Love quote: None of this will be easy. But it's Life, Jo, Life can be complicated and frightening. BUt it's also wonderful!
Aiming for Love quote

More Funny Light Hearted Books

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About Book 2: Woman of Sunlight

Book: Woman of Sunlight

Author: Mary Connealy

Genre: Christian Historical Romance

Release Date: March 3, 2020

Mitch Warden thought he’d gotten away from his old life without a trace, but there’s evidence to the contrary. Now he’s got to go face the danger head on. But he’s not going alone!

Ilsa Nordegren is about to leave Hope Mountain for the first time ever. All fears aside, she’s ready to go and help Mitch, the man who drives her nuts.

My Thoughts on Woman of Sunlight

First, Woman of Sunlight definitely qualifies on all counts as one of the most funny light hearted books I’ve read in recent years.

Ilsa’s inner commentary is very funny, and her perspective makes you think. First, she’s suddenly around 1 family from down below, with their ranch hands. Then, they go down to the “BIG CITY” of Bucksnort. What’s she gonna think when they reach Denver, or Chicago?

I really appreciated her ability to trust Mitch’s leading in the wholly unfamiliar environment down below. She knows she’s out of her depth, and trusts him to a, not lose her, and b, keep her safe.

Mitch, too, learns to trust her instincts and skills as a mountain woman who’s been around predatory animals forever. He’s able to accept her ability to translate that skill to be used against the men hunting them. It doesn’t come easy for him, but he does. I can respect that.

About Book 3: Her Secret Song

Book: Her Secret Song

Author: Mary Connealy

Genre: Christian Historical Romance

Release Date: October 6, 2020

After Ursula spent the winter alone, snowed in. She finally pushes through her fears of the outside world, just in time to rescue Wax Mosby on his way up the mountain with a tale to tell, and a changed life.

These two have to weigh the cost of their new lives, and learn to trust someone besides themselves, hopefully in time to help with the showdown at the Warden Ranch.

My Thoughts on Her Secret Song

Okay, This trilogy is absolutely amazing! Even knowing mostly what to expect, book three was better than I thought possible.

It is definitely book three, and best if read in the right order, but there’s enough information given that if you accidentally picked this one up first, you’d be okay, and very curious to read the other two books.

Everything about the book is satisfying, with the possible exception of the speed of the romantic thread. Though even that makes sense in the circumstances and time period.

Ursula’s stubborn determination is both frustrating and admirable, which is helpful to remember when I’m interacting with my kids. I want them to have stubborn determination properly directed, and I need to help them develop it, and recognize both sides of that trait.

The action is clean, the romance sweet, the plot fun. I would trust this series with younger teenagers, on up. The combination of serious tension, action and fun made this the perfect conclusion to a great series of funny light hearted books!

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley, and chose to review it here. all thoughts are my own. 

Fun Light Hearted Books full of adventure

Why Read Funny Light Hearted Books?

Why read funny light hearted books? Well, because life can get so heavy sometimes, and you need a good laugh!

You can also learn a lot about human nature, faith, and love, as well as historical culture. And it tends to stick better when it comes from funny light hearted books than dry text books!!

What are your favorite funny light hearted books? And why do you love them so much?

Until Next Time, Love God, Love Books, Shine The Light!!

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  1. Aryn, I love it every time I stop by to read one of your book reviews! Because this is not my typical type of genre but you have me intrigued!! I’m gonna enter the contest too 🙂

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