The Prayer Warrior: Inspiration for Real Life

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If you’ve ever wondered how to become a prayer warrior, or exactly what the characteristics of a prayer warrior is, then you’ve come to the right place. Because I’ve wondered all of that and more.

So I started paying extra close attention to the prayers in the books I’ve been reading, and looking for more books with a prayer focus.

I’ve found some interesting things, and very helpful ideas, that I’d love to share with you all.

But first, do you want to see a real prayer warrior in action? Because Ms V is a good one to watch!

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Prayer Warrior Tour Banner

About the Book, The Prayer Warrior:

Book:  The Prayer Warrior

Author: D. Tina Batten and Traci Wooden-Carlisle

Genre: Christian Fantasy

Release date: March 25, 2021

The prayer warrior, by D. Tina Batten and Traci Wooden Carlisle: Battle scene, large sword, kids walking down a school hallway

There is a thin line between the natural and the spiritual realm.

Ms. V., a humble servant of the Lord, has been placed on assignment at Center of Hope Christian Academy.

By day, she serves as a trusted counselor for students, giving them a safe haven to pour out their innermost feelings while providing professional and honest truth wrapped in a firm kindness and love that inevitably draws them closer to Jesus. Not to be outdone, the faculty also bends her ear from time to time.

By night, Ms. V. enters the spiritual realm and takes her place on the battlefield as one of God’s faithful prayer warriors. She wields her whispering sword, slicing through the enemy’s plans to bind the precious hearts under her charge.
Her assignment’s burden on her physical body is taxing, but can she withstand the strain and remain victorious?
Saving souls is her true mission, but at what cost?

Readers are in for a journey of spiritual intrigue and biblical insight as they experience the ramifications of each character’s life-altering decision.

Click here to get your copy!

My Review

Fantastic story that brings the importance of several different kinds of prayer into crystal clear focus. (intercessory, guidance, etc) And a solid reminder of the power of becoming known as a good listener and kind person.

Even kind people can have a ‘bad day’ where they don’t make the kind choice sometimes, but when it’s an overwhelming habit to be kind, and bless those around you, the outcomes of so many circumstances can be turned on their heads! I love how Ms. V does that.

The way that the spiritual warfare battles appear as dreams was also pretty cool.

When I started this book, I was distracted by what seemed like overly descriptive passages and prayers/conversations that felt overdone, overly spiritual.

But by chapter 3 I was hooked and by 6 I didn’t notice those things anymore. And as I have been “called out” for “over-spiritualizing” things on occasion, I think maybe I am more sensitive to noticing it in others…

I also loved the dual endings, I think experiencing both outcomes enhanced the story nicely. And they were both beautifully done. Either one would have been satisfying, but taking the time to create both so well is a gift to the reader!

I received a copy of the book from #celebratelit, and chose to review it here. All thoughts are my own.

Prayer Warrior 101: The Lord’s Army

Now that you read about Ms V, let’s talk more about prayer warriors.

What IS a prayer warrior, exactly? I know from early childhood one of my favorite songs was “I’m In The Lord’s Army Now” and I know it’s my 3 year old’s favorite song. He doesn’t hesitate to tell me I’m singing the wrong song if that isn’t what I’m singing 🙂

But as powerfully true as that song is, I don’t think most of us grasp its full meaning. This song is our first introduction into spiritual warfare, but most people don’t get it.

Once we follow the three steps to salvation, and ‘become a Christian’ we’ve joined the army. We’re no longer civillians.

Paul talks about being a soldier, and some of the costs and responsibilities in 2 Timothy 2, and Philippians 2, and 1 Corinthians 9.

There are different positions in this army we’ve joined, and some tend to get more recognition and honor than others.

One place Paul lists some of those positions is Ephesians 4, 11 and following, and includes pastors, evangelists, etc. They get a lot of attention before men, and therefore have a lot of responsibility, James warns (James 3).

But Prayer warriors often receive little to no recognition, in the here and now world. They are fighting behind the scenes, in most cases.

So, What IS a Prayer Warrior, Anyway?

What is a prayer warrior, exactly? One type of soldier, the kind we’re all called to be, is a prayer warrior.

Because we know the battle is not with flesh and blood (Ephesians 6), we realize that the enemy is neither the guy who cut us off in traffic nor the coworker who makes each day miserable or even the loved one who betrayed us. It’s not the government that failed us or the illness that, well, you get the idea.

I’ve heard it said, “if you can worry, you can pray” and it’s kind of true.

A prayer warrior takes everything to God in prayer because all of our issues have spiritual roots, and He is more than able to handle them, and what’s more, he’s delighted to do it.

6 Characteristics of a Prayer Warrior

These are a few of the key characteristics of a prayer warrior, as I see them:

  • Confident that God hears and cares
  • Persistent in prayer even when God seems silent
  • Focused-they don’t allow their distractions to derail them
  • Quiet enough to hear the Still Small Voice
  • Patient with God, themselves, and others
  • Discerning-Prayer warriors have learned to discern God’s will
  • Thankfulness-Expressing gratitude both before the answer, and after

7 Habits of an Effective Prayer Warrior

  • Delights themselves in the Lord
  • Has scheduled prayer times, yet
  • Sees prayer as an ongoing conversation and
  • Knows the value of “popcorn prayers”
  • Praises God often
  • Speaks blessings over others
  • Prays for the needs around them, both spoken and spotted

Now, this next section is all for me. Because I have the head knowledge but don’t put it into practice as I should…

How to Become a Prayer Warrior

If you want to know how to become a prayer warrior, it’s simple. Just start praying.

I could honestly leave it there, because God can use the slightest effort we make in big ways, but I know enough to know that would just frustrate most readers.

Becoming a prayer warrior isn’t without risk, because when you start fighting, the enemy will do everything he can to stop you. So you need to go into it expecting trouble. That way it won’t surprise you when it comes.

Step 1: Recognize that it’s war, and although God has already won, we’re still in the thick of it.

Step 2: Decide that it’s worthwhile to take up the fight since we’re on the winning side. Know that there will be conflict and resistence and obstacles. This beginner’s guide to prayer and fasting is a great tool for getting your mind ready, whether you add fasting right away or not. The principles and lessons apply here, just as much.

Step 3: Make a plan. Set alarms on your phone for 1-minute prayer focuses (person, praise, pain point, etc) at various times, and grab a blank notebook, or one of these Praying the Promises workbooks (Names of Jesus, or Promises of the Cross) to begin making the spiritual discipline of prayer a daily habit.

Step 4: Don’t let a missed day or week destroy you. Start again. And again. And again. You’re not a failure if you failed to pray. You’re a forgiven child of God who can never be separated from him, or snatched from his hand! Keep getting back up (or down) on your knees, whether literally or figuratively.

Step 5: Remember that prayer is a 2-way conversation. Make space for listening, as well as talking and sharing your heart. (And not just your list)

Step 6: Realize it’s going to look different for each person. I for one sing hymns and praise songs as my prayers, more often than not. Other people write every prayer, or prayer walk or… I bet your friendships don’t look the same from one friend to the next…do they? But it always works best when there is communication going both ways.

Step 7: Arm yourself with Bible verses, prayer books, (Like The Prayer Warrior book above!) and prayer-minded friends. You could start by following my friends over at Pray with Confidence for regular encouragement and tips!

Prayer Warriors Are Called Up-Are You Willing?

The best part of being a prayer warrior in this spiritual battle? You only have to be willing to be used by God. You don’t have to be a particular personality type, or score well on a pre-test.

God calls who he wants, and he equips us. We just have to be willing. He offers on the job training, and a treasure trove of benefits, including hazard pay 😉

Are you willing?

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  1. This sounds good! We were challenged on Sunday with a sermon on prayer. Maybe that’s what I need to be working on right now.

    1. It’s possible, God likes to share the same message with us in different ways, to catch our attention!

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