Lydia in the Bible: A Story of Courage and Hope

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Lydia, Woman of Philippi

Lydia in the Bible has always fascinated me! and now, I get to review a fictional account of her story! I’m so excited, as I get to learn more about this incredible woman, Lydia in the Bible encourages me regularly! Welcome to my first post as part of Celebrate Lit! Lydia, Woman of Philippi, By Diane Wallis Taylor. Celebrate Lit is a really great group of Christian bloggers, who get to preview and review lots of cool books and get to share some occasional giveaways with you, our readers, allowing you lots of quality reviews before you spend your hard-earned … Read More

8 Sunday School Songs that Comfort In the Storm

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Hooray for memorizing songs that comfort no matter what the storm! If you grew up in church, as I did -I was a 4th (living) generation Southern Baptist as a kid- then you probably have some favorite Sunday School songs that still go through your mind from time to time. Hopefully you’re passing them down to the next generation as well. As I play our favorite CDs during the day, for my little guy and I to Dance to, sweep to, etc, and as I sing to him when he needs calming, I’m struck all over again by just how meaningful … Read More