161 Of the Best Missionary Stories for Christian Families

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Grow Your Faith with The Best Missionary Stories

Missionary stories, full of testimony of partnering with God, joining him right where he is already at work, are so cool!

And the really good ones show the failures, flaws, and fears too. Just like the Bible does.

It’s time to dive into some truly great missions stories, so we can learn and grow together. With these missionary stories for kids and adults, we can all be inspired. Reminded of what’s really important. Deepen our faith and confidence in God’s power and love and faithfulness. And maybe be willing to get involved ourselves.

Please note that this post contains affiliate links for your convenience. If you make a purchase through one of the links, I may make a small commission. I only recommend books and resources that I’ve enjoyed personally, or believe that you would like. You can read my full disclosure here. You will also find information on Scripture translations there.

Grow Your Faith with The Best Missionary Stories

Missionary Stories for the Whole Family

Teaching our kids about the hard things in life isn’t fun. But it is necessary. And sometimes we need the reminder ourselves!

If we show them examples of real people who’ve made hard choices and endure hard things for the sake of the kingdom,

Missionaries come in all ages, and missionary stories do too.

There are so many things we can learn from missionary stories. From learning about time periods, cultures and careers to learning how to live our faith out in practical ways.

Counting the cost, both the cost of doing something, and the cost of doing nothing, is a crucial part of growing, in any area, and this is no exception.

Learning from others, who have gone before you is one of the best ways to get inspired, prepared, and stirred to action.

Take this brand-new Prayer Journal along with you on your missionary book adventure, and you’ll learn (and remember) so much more!

Christian Missionary Stories For Adults

These Christian Missionary stories are powerful. I just finished this one about a missionary couple in India, a country that has long fascinated me. The author sent me a ecopy of her book and I chose to share my review here, because I was really impacted by her story.

Hidden Song of the Himalayas:

This book is so well written. As someone who struggles with following Nonfiction and trying to concentrate and absorb everything, this one was a dream. I got sucked in as though it was a novel, in that I couldn’t put it down. I was fully aware that it was real life, but the author is a natural storyteller.

I think this book does a good job of showing what it’s like to live in a culture that is very spiritually aware. The contrast between the typical American perspective and communities like this one in India is startling. They may be blinded to the nature of the many ‘gods’ they worship, but they are aware of the power and influence of the demons that are around. Many are willing to add Jesus to the mix, but once they realize that He isn’t willing to share the worship, they step back.

This book is full of prayer points, and I would recommend reading this with a journal handy. Jot down ways to pray for missionaries, hearers, seekers, supporters, etc. Being a missionary is hard, but if God has called you, he will be with you, and his heart is for you!

I did receive a copy of this one from the author, and chose to review it here, because I think it’s awesome!

Trust Without Borders

This 40 day devotional written by a missionary to Asia, to help strengthen faith along the journey. Combination memoir and devotional, Arabah Joy has a way with words, and her stories are very compelling. Her ability to help me grasp Biblical truths that seem too complicated is amazing. I would highly recommend it.

Maya Hope (A Medical Thriller/Missionary Book)

This one is fiction, fast paced, and not for the faint of heart. There’s murder and danger and an inappropriate fling. Why on earth would I be recommending it, much less here? Because, for older teens and adults, it’s well worth the read. The story itself is fascinating, and the worldwide catastrophe from a mutated cold a little eerie, even having been written prior to 2020.

The missionary stories throughout the book, the scenes of miracles and overwork, and hardships and fears and joys are so well written and believable that you’ll feel like you’re there. Or at least you should. My parents were missionaries in Guatemala, where this book is set, and it felt to me like listening to their stories all over again. Mom read this book, and felt at home with it, as well.

The main character’s growth and transformation are believably paced, and inspiring. It’s not perfect, and it’s not clean and wrapped with a bow.

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Missionary Stories for Kids

In this day and age, we cannot hide awful things from our kids, so I think we need to be sharing truth with them, especially focusing on messages that come from a Biblical worldview.

Missionary stories for kids are powerful resources for doing just that. I know that there are countless missionaries who have lived fairly ‘normal’ lives, that we do not hear much about. And the ones that do become famous are the Jim Elliots and Eric Liddells and Amy Carmichaels of the world whose missionary stories are filled with pain, suffering and sacrifice.

You may want to protect your kids from those things, but I challenge you to do the opposite. You can’t keep them from learning about bad stuff, it’s all around every day. You can teach them about people who were afraid but stood firm for Christ anyway.

The Torchlighters

The Torchlighters series is animated history, from WWII days back to ancient Roman times. People who refused to recant, and suffered the penalty to people who translated the scripture into the common language (against direct orders), shared the gospel and protected children, those are the roll models that teach how we could handle whatever situation we are about to face. Trusting in God.

Other great Christian shows for kids here.

Having read the Bronze Ladder before, I was especially drawn to Perpetua’s story. Shortly after Biblical times, this young lady and her faith are very inspiring. There were a few I was less familiar with, that pulled on my heart.

Solid introduction to 16 missionary stories for kids and adults. They can be used to add to or launch a study of various times an places as well as character traits and so on. We’ve (well, enjoyed isn’t the right word) had many great conversations about these missionary stories, and been challenged and inspired by them.

Missionary Kid Chronicles (Naga Trilogy)

The Naga trilogy is contemporary YA fiction, but based on many of the author’s experiences in Thailand. It’s powerful, fun, and challenges me in my 30s as much as it should its intended audience of middle and high school students.

The power of prayer and the spiritual reality that these kids experience is inspiring. And having a short term mission kid along for the journey allows natural places to explain deeper spiritual truths without being preachy or having a huge index.

Covering topics from trafficking of minors to spiritual warfare and demon possession, I definitely recommend that you read this series WITH your kids, but I would still highly recommend it.

Inspirational Missionary Stories

The Christian Heroes Then and Now series is well worth your time. This series kicks off with George Mueller, and covers 48 Christian heroes of the faith. Not all are missionary books, but they do show how you can make a difference with your faith lived out in your everyday life. Whether you’re a writer like C.S. Lewis, a runner like Eric Liddell, or a WASP Pilot, doctor, or anything else, if you have faith, and compassion, you can make a difference that matters.

These adaptations of famous missionary stories are mostly written for ages 10+, as the situations many of them find themselves in are not good. Definitely meant to be read and discussed together, to help them process.

With some overlap, The lightkeepers series are another collection I look forward to exploring. Geared for kids 8-12, and not meant for independent reading, as above. Each of the 50 men/boys and 50 women/girls has a chapter with a memory of their childhood, and then a brief look at their grownup story. I believe their are quizzes, fact files, and prayer points to help cement these missions stories into our hearts.

Missionary Book List

Putting together a missionary book list like this is a privilege, a real treat!

There are so many cool missionary stories that build faith just by hearing how God has moved in different situations, and how others have been faithful (and failed) in hard times.

I really think these stories should be a staple of our reading intake, both kids and adults

What Are Your Favorite Missions Stories?

Your Turn. What missions stories get you fired up? Is there a favorite missionary book of yours, that I didn’t list here? Please tell me, because I’d love to know. Or share which book above you plan to start with.

Comment below, so we can all grow together.

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