Here’s 5 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

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5 simple steps to financial freedom, really?
Financial freedom is a dream for some, a reality for others, and seems completely impossible for many.
Slavery to debt, comfort, “more” etc, means we don’t have the freedom to be generous, or obey God when he asks something of us.
But God designed it so we don’t have to be slaves of money! To have freedom is possible!
With that (and some legalese) here is today’s Celebrate Lit book review.
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About 5 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

Title: 5 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

Author: Dan Willis

Genre: Finances/Christian living

Release date: January 8, 2019

Publisher: Whitaker House

As a young and naïve pastor, Dan Willis maxed out twenty-three credit cards and ruined his credit to support his ministry. It wasn’t until massive debt caused the cards to stop working that he realized that God never asked him to do this. Through his candor and honesty, Dan reveals the five steps God showed him to get out of debt: stop spending, create a budget, develop a debt payoff plan, begin saving, and repair bad credit. This led him to becoming a thriving and financially-free ministry.

Now, Dan is on a mission to teach this to the world. Using biblical principles, but not relying on miracles or “name-it-and-claim-it” theology, Dan provides easy-to-follow, practical steps that can be used by anyone to escape financial bondage. Finally, he encourages readers to use their financial freedom to help others and advance God’s kingdom, and to use their newfound fiscal wisdom to store up wealth. Without shaming those who struggle financially, 5 Simple Steps to Financial Freedom is the perfect combination of spiritual wisdom and practical advice for those who desperately need it.

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About the Author

Author of 5 simple steps to financial freedom As a young boy, Dan Willis’s dreams involved entering the medical field until that fateful day when, at age sixteen, he was called to “temporarily” take over the pastor position of a local church. More than thirty years later, Dan is still there, serving as the senior pastor of The Lighthouse Church of All Nations in Alsip, Illinois. He took the small ministry of sixteen people and nurtured it into a thriving multicultural body of more than 1,500 people. Dan’s previous books with Whitaker House were Freedom to Forget: Releasing the Pain from the Past, Embracing Hope for the Future and Praise Is My Weapon.

Guest Post from Dan

Not 23 Ways to Money Greatness or 67 Options to Financial Well Being. Just Five Simple Steps to Financial Freedom. Why complicate this? Wipe out debt and create wealth.

5 simple steps to financial freedom

Libraryan Review

A charismatic individual, pastor Dan shares solid, simple steps to getting debt free. The how, the why, the scriptures, and the hope.

Putting our faith in action, and breaking the cycle of debt and poverty is possible. Just like with fitness, you have to start from a place of faith, believe that God is good, and what you’re about to do is possible.

As an introverted conservative with low confidence, it almost felt like a name it and claim it, but it really wasn’t. Reading this was only slightly uncomfortable. The energy is high, and he can be blunt, but full of practical strategy and experience.

The logical progression is well laid out, with verses that point to some amazing truth. The title is accurate, they are simple steps to financial freedom.

I am fortunate to be debt free already, though I still learned a few things reading this book. Inspired and encouraged, I’m working on a budget now! That and a couple of the other simple steps to financial freedom still need to be tackled here. Maybe this is the year!

Being out of debt is not nearly the same thing as experiencing financial freedom, and this book offers a clearly defined path through all three levels. 5 simple steps to financial freedom is well worth the investment, and I would recommend following along in the real world, as you read. Put these simple steps to financial freedom into action!

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    1. It is! We haven’t achieved financial freedom yet, but just being debt free is wonderful. You can do it, but you have to decide that the long-term benefit outweighs the momentary pleasures. (not even talking about school and home loans)

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