Fantastic Fall Recipes: Easy, Healthy Allergen Free Favorites

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A Taste of Fall

Being based in Florida, it sure doesn’t feel like fall, so we have to create some of the magic of fall ourselves, with our food choices: enter my Favorite Fall Recipes! Finding ways to do this and stay Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Corn-Free, Sugar-Free… can be tricky, but it Can Be Done! Butternut squash soup, Sweet Potato-based “Fall Shepherd’s Pie” Stuffed Acorn Squash, Pumpkin French Toast!! Pumpkin Smoothie, Apple Crisp!

Cooking and Baking have been something I’ve enjoyed since I was little. Not so much the cleanup, but I’ve gotten to the point where I see the blessing in that, too. Many fond memories in the kitchen as a family. Whether we were making something brand new, using a traditional recipe, or making it up as we went, working together and sharing life has always been a highlight of my day. And the resulting food, such a bonus!

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I’m Excited for Fall Recipes and So Much More

I’m excited! I’m just about done with crutches (link if you missed what happened there), so It’s back to the kitchen and some tasty creativity. I’m a little tired of the super easy, just getting by meals, like GF Rice Noodles, with a can of tuna or chicken or easy sautéed sausages on toast, or Egg salad on Rice Crackers…or asking my husband to bring something home. I’m incredibly grateful that we were still able to eat well, without crossing the line into foods that we can’t digest, but I’m ready for some ‘real food’ just the same!

So It’s Time. Time for fall foods, and maybe (wishful thinking?) a touch of fall in the air.

Fall is a reminder to be thankful, for so many reasons. Thanksgiving is not far away, and the time of year we celebrate Christ’s birth not long after that. Counting our blessings is a wise and helpful thing to do all year long, but it’s more prominent in our lives right now.

And while some see Fall as a season of dying plants, and endings, I see it as a season of preparing. The weather is different. Animals and plants need to prepare, and act differently to survive, whether it’s an extreme winter with many feet of snow, or a mild winter with lows in the 40s or 50s. The days are shorter, and we tend to not spend as much time outside, so one easy thing we can do to prepare, is to start taking Vitamin D3. Not getting as much through Sunshine, this becomes more important for us, for physical and emotional health (Source).

Fall Breakfast Recipes

We made Pumpkin French Toast for breakfast this week. I like to make enough toast to be able to freeze several days worth, for easy toasting over the next couple weeks. Making Pumpkin French Toast is surprisingly easy! Just add about a cup (half of a 15 oz can) of Pumpkin Puree to your normal French toast batter. I add a splash of vanilla and some allspice, but you don’t have to. The pumpkin puree will thicken the batter considerably, so you’ll need to increase the milk, but otherwise, there’s nothing too it! Top with some maple syrup, and either goat cheese or Sunbutter, and YUMMMMM!

Save the other half can of Pumpkin, and tomorrow, you can have a pumpkin Smoothie ? Add a Banana, some Coconut milk, Powdered Goats Milk for protein, and maybe an apple? A splash of vanilla and maple syrup if you want. Be creative. It’s Your Smoothie. If you can, freeze the banana (sliced) for the extra coldness factor.

Fall Dinner Recipes

For Dinner this week, we made Butternut Squash soup, which is a cross between Italian and Fall Recipes. I roasted a Butternut squash whole, in the oven, following this recipe, then peeled, removed the seeds and diced it, adding it to some boiling chicken broth and Italian seasoning. In another pan, I sautéed my other vegetables (carrots, zucchini and yellow squash this time) and ground turkey. If you have an immersion or stick blender, its so easy to smooth out the butternut squash, but a potato masher works almost as well. I like to leave a few chunks, but mostly puree/mash the rest. Combine all with some salt, pepper and garlic, add some coconut milk (or whatever milk you use) to give it a nice creamy consistency, and most people go back for seconds! Even the aunt who’s very uncertain about butternut squash, will likely enjoy it (worked for me!)

Making a Fall Shepherd’s Pie (recipe coming soon), is also pretty simple. You still have whichever type of meat you prefer, beef or poultry, ground or shredded, and whichever stir ins you like (I usually use Green beans, these days, especially for Fall), Goat cheese, you just bake a couple of sweet potatoes, then mash them to create your topping ? Depending on how you dress it up, it can be “Thanksgiving Light” very easily.

Stuffing a hard squash (Acorn or otherwise, requires some prep, but is still not hard. Pre-roasting, and hollowing out takes a little forethought, but then, mix up your favorite filling of meats, cheeses, rice/quinoa and veggies, pre-cooked while the squash roasts, fill your hollow, and bake for another 15-20 minutes, for full flavor blending!

Fall Desserts

Well, first, you can take some of those leftover slices of Pumpkin French toast, and add a scoop of Ice Cream or Whipped Topping, Or add a scoop of either to your Pumpkin Smoothie.

Another favorite for us, is to make an apple crisp (recipe coming soon)!

Or Our Sticky Cookies!

What’s On Your Fall Menu?

So What’s on your fall menu? Thankfulness? Squashes? Sweet Potatoes? Pumpkin? Generosity? I’m looking forward to hearing about it! We’re off to play games now, Me and my little guy. A couple of Discovery Toy games my mom saved from when I was little. We’re really enjoying them together this year!

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  1. We will be making butternut squash in September for our fall women conference. Everyone loves this soup. Butternut will come fresh from the garden.

  2. WOW everything looks so yummy here!! I love Fall!! I live in Florida too and understand what you mean that we need to create some of our own Autumn here!! ❤

    1. Thank you! It’s nice to make these fall Recipes any time of year, just like it’s nice to have beach access (and weather) almost all year ?️

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