Dial E for Endearment: A Sweet Story

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I could not put this one down. It’s a beautiful, light story, that shows real people with real struggles, but lifts you up in the process.

I have always had eye issues, but nothing like Everly. Still, it was a nice connection.

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Dial E for Endearment, On tour with Celebrate Lit April 8-21 2022

About the Book

Book: Dial E for Endearment

Author: Heidi Gray McGill

Genre: Sweet Christian Contemporary Romance

Release date: February 1, 2022

Dial E for Endearment Book Cover. Man with short curly dark hair hugging a woman with long blond hair and a sight assist cane, with green hills and mountains in the background

Everly Johnson is every man’s dream of the perfect date, even though none of her audience has met her. As host for the Choose Joy segment of JOY Radio in Blowing Rock, North Carolina, she receives countless gifts of flowers and candy on behalf of her admires, which she promptly donates to her mother’s assisted living facility. What Everly wants are words–heartfelt, meaningful endearments meant for her ears only. She wants a man who will open her eyes to everything she cannot see to make her feel more than just the voice behind the mic.

Cameron Boyd struggles to make eye contact with anyone, let alone say something coherent unless it is the one-way conversation he has each Friday with Everly Johnson. Date night for Cam involves sitting alone on his back porch overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains while he dreams of things to say if he were ever to call in to her show.

A chance meeting changes everything.

Will Cam be able to step out of his comfort zone and into the world he has only been able to envision in his mind? Will Everly trust this stranger with her life as well as her heart?

Tune into JOY Radio to find out!

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My Review

A sweet story, and a very pleasant way to spend an hour and a half!

My favorite quote might be ” you’re on the air, What brings JOY into your life today?” because it’s something we all should think about. A total paradigm shift, if we’ll let it be. This question, asked daily, can help rewire the pathways of your brain, to spend less time on the negatives.

I read this when I was having a really bad day, full of mistakes and messes, and failure. This one little line, repeated every time Everly is on the air, made me stop and think about my blessings.

Cam is the kind of guy I’d like to be friends with. Yes, he’s handy, and has an amazing dog, but beyond that, he’s a good listener, and able to laugh when things go wrong, instead of getting angry.

Everly and her mom have very different perspectives of her growing up years, and when they finally talk through them, there’s the beginning of healing. If you need to do this, or wish you could, then I highly recommend reading Everly’s experience. Whether or not you’re able to have this kind of talk with your own mom, this may soothe a few raw nerves!

I received a copy of this book from #celebratelit and chose to review it here. All thoughts are my own.

About the Author

Author: Heidi Gray McGill

Heidi is an optimist who chooses to find the silver lining in life’s clouds of doubt. This plays out in her writing. Her ability to seamlessly weave scripture into the lives of her characters will uplift and encourage you, while her masterful storytelling will keep you turning page after page and wishing for more.

Heidi lives with her husband of thirty years near Charlotte, NC. When she isn’t writing, you will find her outside playing with her two grandsons, walking, scrapbooking, reading, cooking, traveling, or finding an excuse to have an outing with a girlfriend.

More from Heidi

Everly, the main character in Dial E for Endearment and I have something in common, but it may not be what you’d expect. As Blowing Rock, NC’s JOY Radio talk show host, Everly has discovered fulfillment, but she hasn’t found love, at least not for her—not even from her mother. In Dial E for Endearment, Everly wants words–heartfelt, meaningful endearments meant for her ears only. She wants a man who will open her eyes to everything she cannot see to make her feel more than just the voice behind the mic.

You may know me as an author, but did you know I am also the retired Director and Founder of an ESL program, regularly walk 12 plus miles a week, care for my grandsons, scrapbook, read voraciously, cook, and am legally blind?  That last phrase was difficult for me to say out loud not that long ago.

Vision loss does not discriminate.

My diagnosis in 2001 of Retinitis Pigmentosa was devastating. There is no cure. There is no surgery. But that does not mean there is no hope.

I still have value.

Those who do not know me well often don’t realize I have low vision. As humans, we are amazingly adaptable, and I do a pretty good job covering up my disability. My friends have learned to watch out for me and alert me to potential pitfalls, some better than others, which is always good for a laugh. I use a cane when I’m navigating alone. I’ve traveled to China—that cane my only companion.

Being blind is certainly not something I would have chosen,

but it does not define me.

Join me on this fun adventure and see for yourself that God does not discriminate. You’ll laugh your way through mishaps–most of which may have happened to me at some point…although I’ll most likely deny if asked. But most of all, you’ll learn that we ALL have value, and that includes YOU.

February is Low Vision Awareness Month.

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  1. Dial E for Endearment sounds like a wonderful and inspirational read for me to enjoy! Thanks for sharing it with me! Thanks Aryn, for sharing your review! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Thank you for sharing your review of Dial E for Endearment, this sounds like a wonderful story and I am looking forward to reading it

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