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  • Delicious Devotion by Melissa Wardwell, On tour with Celebrate Lit September 22-October5Delicious Devotion
    Delicious Devotion is so very satisfying. There’s brokenness and healing, sadness and joy. I couldn’t put it down, read the whole thing one Sunday afternoon while the guys were watching some cowboy movie or other. I’m definitely proud of dad, for his role in the healing, and […]
  • Blood Secrets On Tour with Celebrate litBlood Secrets: A SteamPunk Sequel
    Well, my suspicion of one particular character was way off base, but I was right about the most important thing: This book is AWESOME! You don’t want to miss book two: Blood Secrets by Morgan L. Busse!! The fact that the writing of the story had such an effect on the author is also pretty […]
  • Endangered Refuge on tour with Celebrate LitEndangered Refuge
    Endangered Refuge kicks off with a peaceful scene rapidly shattered with drama. The supense and action keep you focused, and only mildly annoyed when the inevitable dumb decisions happen. The romance has just enough history to spring to life in the midst of the tension of the moment. The mission to […]
  • Rebuilding Hearts On Tour August 2022Rebuilding Hearts
    Rebuilding Hearts is a fun story, with a “VERY part-time librarian” and a landscaper, both trying to find new footing amidst a number of changing life circumstances. I really enjoyed making friends with Bella and Tim, and I think you will too! And there’s another great Celebrate […]
  • Awesome Christian Books for Kids who love storytime40+ Awesome Christian Children’s Books Not to Miss
    Today we have a collection of awesome Christian books for children, that will make storytime that much more meaningful. Growing the faith of a child in your care is such a privilege. I truly hope you are considering the eternity of the kids around you, and spending time nurturing and growing that […]
  • 5 keys to praying in public: The unlikely yarn of the dragon lady, over blue yarn on a wooden table5 Keys to Praying in Public & Staying Panic Free
    Praying in public can be scary. Uncomfortable. High pressure… But as the Dragon Lady discovered, powerful and effective as a living witness both to you yourself and for those around you. Let’s see what we can learn together about public prayer, and then, maybe give it a try? 5 Keys to […]
  • Eve’s Story: More Than Just The One Who Ate The Fruit
    Forever Loved, Eve’s Story is one book I won’t soon forget. I am a big fan of Biblical Fiction as you probably already know, and this one having a definite devotional feel to it makes it even better. Thank you, Celebrate Lit, for the opportunity to read this book. […]
  • Christian Children's Books full of life lessons for the whole familyWhy Hermie and Friends Are Actually Great Family Shows
    Hermie and Friends by Max Lucado is a cute children’s series of books and shows that make the truths of the Bible practical and accessible for kids of all ages. The way Hermie and friends characters interact and learn the necessary lessons can bring home the point to kids and […]