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  • cutout of a pair of glasses showing a bookshelfWho’s the Best? Christian Book Marketing For Aspiring Writers
    So you’ve written a book, and maybe even gotten it published. What now? If you’re ready to dive into some Christian book marketing, then I highly recommend you take the time to connect with Sandy and her team over at Celebrate Lit Publicity Group. They are an awesome team to work with […]
  • Who was Hagar in the Bible?Hagar in the Bible: Misunderstood, Messy, But Still Blessed
    Who was Hagar in the Bible? How does the Hagar and Abraham dynamic and Hagar and Sarah conflict fit into the grand tapestry of God’s Word? Do you know just how special Hagar’s son truly is? Let me invite you in to the new Hagar Bible study by Shadia Hrichi. It will answer these […]
  • Stranded on Sparrow by Rachel Skatvold on tour with celebrate Lit Through June 9, 2022Being Stranded on Sparrow Could Be A Good Thing
    Here we are on the Independece Islands again, and boy are we in for it. Getting Stranded on Sparrow seems like a bad thing, but one thing’s for sure Lia will never be the same again. She gets plenty of exercise jumping to conclusions, but does a lot of growing too. I truly enjoyed this book, […]
  • God to the Rescue: Legion, Behind the SeenGod to the Rescue: Saving the Man from the Legion
    God to the Rescue: Legion is an in-depth 6 week Bible study that packs quite a punch! You get a true grasp of the context, and see the beauty of God's Rescue Plan in Action. […]
  • Dial E for Endearment: A Sweet Story
    I could not put this one down. It’s a beautiful, light story, that shows real people with real struggles, but lifts you up in the process. I have always had eye issues, but nothing like Everly. Still, it was a nice connection. I hope you’ll leave a comment, and then enter the giveaway […]
  • Sweet Rivalry, On tour with Celebrate Lit April 2022Sweet Rivalry: A Tasty Lost Twin Tale
    Rivalry doesn’t have to be ugly. And today’s book deals with more than one kind of rivalry. Definitely had a lot of fun with this book, and I highly recommend it if you want to laugh, and get inspired to bake something tasty. Because these girls are really good at making you want to try […]
  • Lessons from Lydia in the Bible on a purple backgroundLydia in the Bible: 6 Lessons We Still Need
    I absolutely love the story of Lydia in the Bible! The way God directed Paul, taking him somewhere he hadn’t even considered going, in order to reach Lydia, seller of purple, the God-fearing woman who had resources, and a generous spirit.  Through her, the church at Philippi was given a home, […]
  • Blended Lives
    We’re all blending our lives with those around us. But Sarah and Seth have the added complexities of 2 kids apiece, widowhood, and unspoken dreams. Watching these two figuring things out is a lot of fun! Plus we get more of Scott and Beth’s story, as we read. I love these two! You can […]