Bookmarking Normal-BEFORE the Crisis

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Normal Numbers

(Affiliate links may be used in this post. please see the full disclosure policy here) Hi guys, I hope you are having a great week! Enjoying normal everyday activities. No mishaps in sight. We never know what exactly is ahead of us, do we? We’re cruising along through the day, then Bam! Your active kid decides to see just how indestructible God really made him. Jumped off of something he shouldn’t have been standing on in the first place, landing on something hard. Or sharp. Or running left, looking right, and-OOPS, that had to hurt! Or “mommy, my head (stomach…) hurts” and your child is looking a little green around the gills.

Bookmarking Normal

Reaction Time

Enters worry. As mothers, we often have an overactive protection instinct, and jump straight to the worst case scenario. Or on the other end of the spectrum just say, “Aww, you’re fine” and move on.

Now, I suggest we become proactive in knowing what our own child’s normal is, on some key numbers. That way, me have more confidence in making this call when the time comes.

Do YOU Notice Normal?

Do you ever check his temperature on a normal healthy week?  Not everyone has the same average. How do you know they have a fever if you’re not sure what normal is? I personally ran 97.6 growing up, so we had to take that into account.

Have you checked out her typical resting heartbeat? Web MD has a big range for normal (70-120 for kids age 1-10). When she is sick, and you are concerned about how fast (or slow) her heart is beating when you rest your hand on her chest, do you have anything to compare it to? Do you know what it is when she is sitting on the couch relaxing? When she’s just finished a good game of tag?

How about pupil dilation rates? He ran into the table. It’s just at head-height. Now you’re sure his eyes are too dilated And he must have a concussion. But have you looked at his eyes, on a good day, outside at noon? Inside at 3 pm? What about at 8 pm when he’s sleepy, and you only have one 40 watt lamp on, across the room?  What is normal? You look at him 2 million times a day, but do you See these things?

He walked into the table. You feel a knot on his head. Is it swollen, or is that just the shape?

Proactively Documenting Normal

I’m blessed to have family who have medical training, and don’t mind calls and texts at odd hours, asking-Should I be concerned? Or is this normal? But not everyone has that convenience. And I don’t want to take advantage.

A little forethought a couple of times a year, could prevent a lot of stress. Now, I trust instincts, and God-promptings and by all means, Please, if your child is hurt, or sick, seek professional assistance! I am NOT A DOCTOR, and am NOT giving Medical Advice. But I would like to help you feel more confident in knowing what’s Normal, and what Isn’t.

Let’s try this. Pick a Day. Mark it on your calendar, set to repeat in 4-6 month intervals. Print off a couple of these BOOKMARKING NORMAL worksheets, and let’s take some of the unnecessary stress out of our lives!



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