Big Picture Perspective: What is Your Focus?

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Question for you: What is your Big Picture Perspective? What is Your focus on, the central theme that effects Everything?

Well, what is your Focus on? Which Choice, Decision or Event rules your thoughts and life?
Is it that Mistake in the past? You know the one. That thing you said or did, that you can’t believe you were that thoughtless. Or that time that the other person’s mistake left you scarred. Whether it was Physical, Emotional, Mental, or Spiritual, it still hurts!
Or Maybe, you’ve dealt with the past, and the Big Picture perspective you have is a bit narrower. The mountain of dishes, laundry, chores, childcare… what to do with for dinner with the chicken you have thawing. (oh, you forgot to get something out to thaw? I’ll wait. Go take care of that and come back ?)
You can’t see beyond This Moment. Today’s imminent needs. It’s possible that you’re dreaming of that girl’s night out, or Grandma’s visit scheduled for next month, to get you through. You can’t disengage from the daily dos enough to think big picture.
Understandable. I’ve been in both of those places. Still visit them often. However, I’m working my way through to a new ‘big picture’ perspective, and I want you to come with me! I am learning to shift my focus to the future, and actually work towards a goal. If you can change the way you think, you’ll be amazed at the changes that just ‘happen’ without a lot of extra effort.

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Desk space with computer keyboard and mouse. Setting Goals for Christian Homemakers

Planning a Better Big Picture Perspective: My Revolution

Last year, I was challenged to actually make a New Year’s Revolution (due to a book launch bonus for a FAVORITE author). This works much like a new year’s resolution, or a “word of the year” would. You pick a focus, an area to work on – and plan it out with your Why. Choose Verses for encouragement and as a reminder of your purpose.
These factors make all the difference. Big Picture perspective doesn’t come naturally. It has to be planned carefully, or you just go in circles.

Revolution #1: Be Intentional

I chose a big-picture perspective of life with more Intentionality. Being deliberate and proactive, instead of coasting along and allowing life to “Just Happen” to me.
I finally realized that if I don’t spend time planning, and making choices that will lead to an actual Goal, then one day I will wake up, years will (continue to) pass, and I will not know where I am or Who I am.
Existing, and dealing with one day at a time is fine, sometimes, in a short-term situation (like right after a new baby comes). But if you can, take some time dreaming of what you want your future to look like. And then figuring out smaller goals to reach the dream, You will be every bit as amazed as I was when things happen.

How to Write Personal Goals that Stick

Guess what – the desire to start this blog and the actual launch occurred my first Be Intentional year! I share all kinds of helpful Christian blogging tips I’ve learned.

Revolution #2: Choose Joy

Rediscover joy with the Homemaking Ministries online conference
This year’s theme is Joy because honestly, I had much less joy than I used to. Now, this had many sources, and I won’t go into that here.
But really, life happens. We get so caught up in the day to day stuff, and our hurts and troubles (all very real), and forget our Joy.
(Finding Joy in Life-and a Great Book IS possible!)
I’m continuing to work on being intentional, and I’m also taking steps to restore my joy. They include
    • rewriting the script of my internal dialog by changing what I tell myself about my value. Changing the way I think about the meaning behind other people’s words and actions.
    • spending more time with Jesus through reading my Bible, devotionals*, Christian music, Adventures in Oddessy and my Church.
    • counting my blessings and intentionally being grateful.

    • Changed Patterns have given me New Energy. Results I can get excited about. And you can too! No, it’s not easy. It isn’t really very complicated, but it does take work. (More here and here on how I am setting my goals, and how you can too!)
    The work is worth it when you are living in your new normal, with the ability to see the big picture guiding you.

    *Devotionals I Have Reviewed This Year

    Lego blocks on a wood background. Big picture perspective: Setting Goals is creating a Blueprint

    Goal Setting for Moms: What Is Big Picture Thinking?

    My Big Picture dream is of having a house that is more of an oasis in the storms of life (as modeled by a couple of very dear friends), rather than rushing and confusion. With that, the first part of setting a goal is done. The vision, the WHY is there.
    Which means that:
    1. Working on meal planning, prep, cleaning, and laundry become little pieces of the big picture. Actionable Steps toward my goal of having a healthy family and time to enjoy them. When I compare that with the idea of monotonous chores to be done over, and over, and over again, it gives me hope.
    2. Devotions, Bible Study and Prayer change my attitude and outlook, reminding me WHOSE I am, which makes it far more likely to have an Oasis mentality. If I spend time with Jesus regularly, I can remember that A gentle answer turns away the wrath of man (Prov. 15:1) and act accordingly.
    Perspective change  = attitude change = visible change!
    Now, almost 2 years into this journey, I can look back and see that I have had successes and failures, and that excites me! I have a goal to compare my actions to. Which means I can see definite progress, as well as areas to work on.
    This is all new to me, and it’s very satisfying to see the differences. Planning things out, and being intentional, means that I try to focus on what is in front of me. Being present in the present. Leave the rest of it for another time-block. Patterns are being formed to deal with everyday life, working towards my future, instead of waiting to see what shows up. Hot air balloon over the greasy shore. Psalm 20 verse 4

    Are YOU Ready to Think Big Picture?

    I started this at the beginning of 2017 and I am glad that I did. I have more purpose in what I do every day, and more joy besides! There’s a long way to go, but I have a plan and I’m starting to understand how God’s Grace and favor make all the difference.
    How about You? Do you have a plan? If you want to move forward, you can!

    What is your focus? What is your goal? Where do you want to be in 5 years, or 10, 20 years from now? Spend time working through that.

    Think Big Picture #1: Setting Goals for Moms

    Setting goals for moms (and especially Christian moms) is a bit different than just setting goals. Our big picture perspective is different when we consider our family. We want to see our kids grow up healthy, well adjusted, and positive contributors in their sphere of influence. Most of all we want them to love Jesus. We want to be Godly wives and friends. Grow closer to Jesus ourselves…
    If you want some guidance on setting goals like I did, this here is the most amazing goal setting resource I have found. Arabah Joy takes “what is your focus” to a whole new level.
    From dreaming, to exploring your WHY, to making manageable steps to follow, I can’t say enough good things about Grace Goals.
    You include God and His Word in every step of the process and learn smart goal-setting techniques.
    Glasses resting on open book. Practical step by step instructions with the Homemaking Ministries online conference

    Think Big Picture #2: Managing the Details

    I discovered Trello about 6 months ago, and it’s been a game-changer! I can keep track of everything in one place. And it’s digital so if I break my phone, the computer dies or something else happens, I can just enter my password on a new device, and it’s all there.
    Trello can house notes, lists, reminders with due dates, links, schedules…even upload photos! The possibilities are nearly endless!
    I want to invite you to join me as you decide what IS your focus, your big picture perspective, and Manage the Details in Trello.

    The Ability to Think Big Picture as a Homemaker

    I have created a Homemaking Library in Trello, and I want to share it with you. On this board, you can track events, to do lists, all of those courses you have signed up for… Travel details, etc. basically, taking your Big Picture Perspective and managing the small working pieces. A valuable resource for goal setting for moms!
    As you can see, we’re set up for loop scheduling, which is a flexible schedule that is forgiving. It’s more of a routine, a rolling list of things to do, allowing you to remember and do things. Nearly everything on the list (even the deep cleaning loop) only takes a few minutes, but having it spelled out is a great help!
    Another great feature is the Gift list. This way, you can think through everyone that you give gifts to. What do they like? How does that translate into good gift ideas? Then when you are out and about through the year, you will be able to pick gifts, and then make a note of it, where you have it, and when it’s for. (Savings, anyone?) Free Trello Board for homemakers (trello screenshotl

    And of Course, There’s a Readers Library

    What kind of Libraryan would I Be without giving you a way to organize your books?
    I’ve downloaded about a half-dozen apps for keeping track of my Library. None of them worked for me. “scan the barcode, and we’ll automatically fill out all of the details” not! They could not find half of my books!
    Well, I do not claim to do the work for you, but I do believe that you will find this simple and easy to use. You will also be glad that you took the time to organize your books!
    Log your books and search by
    * Author
    * Genre
    * Time Period
    * Loaned
    * Type
    * Format
    Setting goals for moms reading, kids reading, family reading… Free Trello Board for organizing your reading material. (trello screenshot)

    A 52 Week Challenge Board

    Now Available, a Trello Board to help you in taking a bite-sized approach to your goal setting. Inspired by this fun book series, I had to find a way to get started! As a 52 week challenge, you would break your big goal (organization, memorization, going green…) down into 52 bite-sized steps. There will be regular encouragement, and tips to keep you going. Click Here for more information!

    Think Big Picture as a Homeschooling Family? (Coming Soon)

    The Homeschool Library Trello board is set up by subject so that you can upload all the files and links in one place, and tag it by grade and type and student. You can even denote progress and grades!
    A convenient place to store all of those lovely:
    * Freebies
    * Resources
    * Printables
    * Courses
    * Websites and Blogs
    The Free version of Trello allows you to upload as many files as you like, providing that they are 10 MB or smaller. and again, you can access it anywhere! So again, what is your focus? The little details, or a Big Picture Perspective?

    Taking the Big Picture Perspective on Health (Coming Soon)

    What is your focus on with meal planning? I have encouraged you before to take the time to study your family in order to simplify things. This will improve efficiency and overall well-being on so many levels.
    The Healthy Family Board will help you do just that. Considering your family’s needs, you can easily track favorite meals, times of day that NEED FOOD, reactions, etc.
    * Monitoring Health
    * Taking Inventory
    * Meal Planning
    * Recipe Keeper
    This way you’ll be able to combine your Big Picture Perspective and the daily pieces of the puzzle in one spot.

    Until Next Time, Love God, Love Books, Shine The Light!!

    9 Comments on “Big Picture Perspective: What is Your Focus?”

    1. Hi Ayrn there is a lot of good info in this post. My focus this year is learning to surrender to God (it is coming in stages) and to shift my focus daily to Eternity. I have never used Trello and am a bit frightened of technology. Is it easy to use? I have some big goals for devotions (including a library), marriage, friendship and health too and reading your article makes me want to learn more about Trello.

      1. Yay! Good to hear, Rosemarie! Iand yes, it’s pretty easy to use, but I can create a tutorial or two, and add it to the Members Only Resource Library. That way it’s specific to these trello boards.

    2. Hi, Loved your post. There is always a bigger picture and something for us to look forward too.

      1. Amen! That Big picture perspective can be surprising, and so helpful when you’re doing the 7,000th load of laundry!

    3. So many good thing here. It is always important to have big picture goals and to make goals in general. It is crazy how much more I get done when I made these goals then when I don’t. Thanks for the encouragement!!!

      1. You’re welcome! It is amazing how well it works when you start thinking big picture and work backwards!

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