10 Best Bibles for Kids That Are Worth Reading

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Woman holding stack of Kids Bibles. Caption: Bibles for Kids

There are so many Bibles for Kids out there. It’s easy to be overwhelmed when trying to pick a solid, accurate, but age-appropriate Bible to give your kids a good foundation in the Truth.

And honestly, I just learned that one I thought was good, still managed to have an agenda other than sharing God’s Word with kids. So I know, the struggle is real.

So let’s dig into some of the options, and pick a few that we can stand behind.

Please note that this post contains affiliate links for your convenience. If you make a purchase through one of the links, I may make a small commission. I only recommend books and resources that I’ve enjoyed personally, or believe that you would like. You can read my full disclosure here. You will also find information on Scripture translations there.

Woman holding stack of kids Bibles
Caption: Bibles for Kids

Teaching Kids About the Bible

The best way of teaching kids about the Bible is to actually read it. But then you get into the latter half of Judges, or some of the Prophets, and things get intense in a hurry.

So, finding Bible story books that are good, and more comprehensive Bibles that are still simple, and meant for kids is a good idea. They can usually handle more than we give them credit for, but no need to overwhelm them, either.

Bibles for Kids of All Ages

Best Bibles for Kids of All Ages

Here’s a hands-on highlight of a few of these Bibles over on Youtube, if you want to see more.

If you’re looking for kids devotionals I’ve already got you covered. but for actual Bibles, we’re diving into that today.

Preschool Bibles for 3-5 Year Olds

The Rhyme Bible Storybook is fun, but solid. A little more in-depth than some, but the rhyming verse will stick in their heads, and plant seeds. Each story is fairly quick, with good illustrations and a nice step up from the toddler version.

There are more great choices for preschoolers over here on my Bible stories for kids post.

Children’s Bibles for 5-7 Year Olds

Mighty Acts of God Family Bible Story Book is very impressive. It’s not your typical Bible story book for sure. It is more like a kids commentary Bible. It starts with the Scripture reference, and then tells the story with commentary, ending with a few discussion questions, under the heading “As for Me and My House.”

I think the authors do a great job of explaining things in an accessible way, and drawing out truth that we need to learn. This would make a good companion to your regular Bible reading.

The Memory Bible is a great set of books. They come with an audio CD, where KIRK CAMERON narrates fun Bible stories, gives the reference for further study, then there is a song to help the main point of the story stick in your memory.

The books themselves have a key verse, an illustration of the key point from daily kids life, then the Bible story that exemplifies the point (Complete with the approximate year!), an application point, and the lyrics to the song for that lesson. The whole thing takes about 2-3 minutes to read, but usually leads to conversations that can last a while.

There are:

Best Bible for Ages 9-12

My favorite Bible as a kid, was my Adventure Bible. I used it until it was falling apart. Then I lent it to a new Christian friend. I never got it back, but it means I still think of her from time to time, and pray for her. Now, the Adventure Bible is available in many different varieties. Translations, cover choices, there’s a lot of options. The Adventure Bible is loaded with facts to make understanding easier, including book introductions, life in Bible times info, concordance, and more.

NIV Adventure Bible Field Notes is a series of Bible Journals for kids, that has the text of one book of the Bible, and lots of room for notes. Scripture on the left page, lines for writing on the right. Plus occasional facts and journal prompts are scattered throughout.

They are small and lightweight but have sturdy pages for writing on. So far, I’ve seen the Gospels, Acts, Romans, and Psalms. And they’re affordable!

The Coloring Bible for Girls is also a fun choice if she likes to color at all. With lots of room to color freestyle or take notes and great illustrations to color as you read, it’s worth considering.

The Bible for Kids

The Bible for Kids

We all want the best for our kids, and Bibles are no exception. So I’ve started adding to our collection, and these are the results:

Genesis for Kids

If we’re going to start in the beginning, (which may not be the best place to start, since there’s a lot of terrifying stuff in there) then we start with Genesis.

I found 2 really cool tools for studying Genesis with kids. The Funschooling Genesis Devotional Journal, and the Spiral Bible: Genesis.

The Spiral Bible: Genesis for Kids is in the BBE (Bible in Basic English) translation, lays flat, and has sturdy pages with wide margins and great illustrations. My 9-year-old who doesn’t love coloring OR reading out loud keeps bringing it out, and voluntarily taking turns reading and coloring the pages.

I really enjoy it, especially when paired with the Genesis Devotional Journal, which helps you think through what you’re reading, pick a favorite verse, color an illustration, and has room for notes, prayer requests, etc. It has a 2 page spread for each of the chapters of Genesis.

The whole “Choose your favorite verse” section has led us to some very interesting discussions. And some science research, into the verse about seed-bearing fruit being good for food.

Exodus for Kids

The Spiral Bible for Kids also has an Exodus edition, which is equally well-designed, easy to understand, and great for really diving deep and marking text, learning what the Bible says.

A great way to study the story of Moses for Kids. Yes, Exodus isn’t just Moses story, it’s the story of God rescuing his people and fulfilling promises in spectacular fashion.

Take a look at the Spiral Bibles up close:

New Testament for Kids

Simply the Bible New Testament is a very nice New Testament. Based on the WEB (World English Bible) translation, with a few clarifying adjustments, and printed in a Dyslexia Friendly font, it’s very user friendly. It’s also in a reasonable size font, with sturdy pages, so it can easily be read, marked in, and learned from. I’m very pleased with this one. There are currently 6 different covers available, though the insides are identical.

Word of Promise Next Generation New Testament-Dramatized is one I recently got ahold of. I think it was mentioned on a Hermie & Friends DVD. Read (and dramatized) by younger voices that will be familiar from movies and shows, it brings the New testament to life in a unique way for younger listeners (and those of us who maybe grew up watching these shows, and get a kick out of recognizing voices).

Which Child’s Bible is Your Favorite?

Did I leave off your favorite one, or did you find a new one today?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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