Bible Characters and Their Stories: 7 Reasons We Need to Know Them

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Bible Characters and their stories

Today, let’s welcome Katrina D Hamel, as she introduces us to some amazing Bible Characters and their stories. Then, we’ll get started on her book, As the Stars, for our first book club read!

Chances are, if you’re here on Aryn’s site, you’re a Christian fiction lover. If we were sitting over coffee right now, we’d have so much to chat about! That’s one of the best things about books—we can share adventures and experiences even if we can’t meet face-to-face. On top of this, we travel the same pages yet each reader takes away something unique.

I think this is even more apparent when we start reading biblical fiction together. In my experience, biblical fiction can bring out strong emotions and spark deep discussions.

I personally love biblical fiction! Lynn Austin’s Restoration Chronicles helped me get into a period of biblical history I had brushed past a hundred times. I felt like I finally understood Ezra and Nehemiah through her imaginative retelling of Bible history. I learned that I needed these Bible characters and their stories—their struggles and their victories—to help me see my own life through God’s eyes.

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7 Reasons to Really Know Bible Characters and Their stories

Why Should We Know Bible Characters and Their Stories?

The Bible has entire books dedicated to “do this” and “don’t do that!”

Learning what God requires of us is vitally important, and Bible characters and their stories show us how faith hits the road. When we see God interact in the lives of imperfect men and women, we see how much humanity matters to Him.

We Learn Best by Story and Example

We absorb data through stories every single day. From chats around the water cooler, to dramatic news events, to the memories we share around the dining room table, we are a story-driven people.

It is eye-witness accounts that deal the greatest impact, not bald facts and numbers. Success stories and tales of failure help us make better choices in our own lives—and the Bible has those in abundance.

Journeying with Inspirational Bible Characters Gives Us Encouragement and Hope

There are plenty of Bible stories told as a warning so we don’t fall into the same traps as Samson, Michal, or the prodigal son’s brother. There are stories and inspirational Bible characters for every situation you are going through.

Storing these stories in our minds is like carrying a map that helps us find our way through the choices of life. These stories remind us that we are not alone. That’s why I love to read and study Bible stories!

Bible Characters And Their Stories Are Still Relatable to Our Lives Today

Have you done something and worry if God can forgive you? Sit with Gomer.

Do you feel like your ministry is a total failure? Walk with Elijah for a while.

Struggling as an outsider? Ruth knows how you feel.

Are your children walking away from the faith? Eli shares your pain.

Have you seen the power of God and can’t wait to share it? Mary Magdalene can rejoice with you.

These inspirational Bible characters lived and breathed thousands of years ago, but at the heart of their stories, they struggled and celebrated the same things we do.

What About Inspirational Bible Characters and Their Stories Retold as Fiction?

Bible stories are powerful on their own, straight from scripture. Bible fiction is an engaging way to interact with the truth of the Bible in an immersive and thought-provoking way.

We See Familiar Bible Characters and Their Stories with New Perspectives

The Bible is an amazing book that unveils something new every time we enter its pages. Stories that meant little to us as a child unfold in surprising ways as we read them with the heart of a mother.

Biblical fiction gives us a window into someone else’s perspective. We see what grabbed the author’s heart, what lessons they took away, and how they felt God speaking to His creation through the Bible characters and their stories. Biblical fiction is, in many ways, a captivating sermon.

We Gain a Better Understanding of the Surrounding History

Well-researched biblical fiction can truly bring the history, locales, and culture of Bible characters and their stories to life. It can be easy to read the Bible with a North American perspective or with a romanticized take on ancient daily life. Bible fiction brushes that aside and starts the reader from a new starting point, bringing them into the biblical world in a whole new way.

The Bible Becomes Even More Relatable

We may have never driven a flock of sheep, approached a royal throne, or encountered God in a burning bush. It takes a little journey of imagination to put ourselves in Moses’ sandals and to grapple with all the emotions he likely felt as his life was turned upside down. A biblical fiction author leads us there and gives us the chance to weigh their perspectives for ourselves.

Putting Ourselves in the Shoes of Bible Characters Reveals how the Heroes and Villains are a Lot Like Us

Have you ever felt that Bible characters and their stories are a little wooden because of how they are written? We see people react with joy, fear, jealousy, or anger, but we don’t get the juicy details we enjoy in modern stories. We don’t always get the “why”.

Why is Peninnah so cruel to Hannah? Is there pain behind her actions? Why does Noah get drunk after the flood? Is he struggling with something?

The answers are there, I believe, but it’s up to us to flesh them out—and perhaps the way we translate their motivation teaches us something about ourselves.

A library of printables for Avid Christian readers

Get to Know These Bible Characters and Their Stories Today!

In my Bible fiction devotional, As the Stars, I share 45 Bible Fiction Short Stories that resonated with me in powerful ways. Even though I am a life-long believer, I deepened my familiarity of biblical men and women as I dug into their stories. They inspired me, taught me, and challenged me to consider my life through God’s eyes. That is my heart for you.

It is important to me as the author, that As the Stars sends you back to the Bible to read the stories for yourself. Did you notice anything new? Does the story resonate with you in a different way than before? Where do you disagree with the retold story, and why? These sorts of questions are a fun and engaging way to study the Bible!

Here’s a glimpse of our book chat over on Instagram.

What is your favorite Bible story? Please share with us in the comments!

Katrina Hamel, Author

About The Author

Katrina is a wife, mom of four, and an author of two Historical Christian Fiction books. When she’s not writing she’s playing board games, sipping iced coffee on the deck, or working on something creative. You can learn more about her books and her love of biblical history on her website. Katrina can also be found on Facebook and Instagram.

My Favorite Books About Bible Characters

There are so many favorite Bible characters it’s hard to choose sometimes, but then, I don’t have to, do I? These inspirational Bible characters can impact us often, between Bible study and Biblical fiction.

Here are a few of my favorite Biblical fiction books (and near-biblical fiction) including several Daniel/Captivity stories

I’ve always been fascinated by Esther/Hadassah. So I’ve gathered up several of my favorite books about her, here. Some are biblical fiction, but one is a modern retelling that’s very well done!

Ruth and Naomi have such an interesting relationship. This post has a book about these Bible characters, but set in Period England. It’s unforgettable!

Lydia is one remarkable woman. I definitely enjoy stories about this Bible Character!

These fictional stories take place during Jesus’ ministry on earth, making them great for Lenten time or any time, really.

Here are some awesome City of Refuge stories, from the time between Joshua and Judges.

These Biblical Allegories aren’t exactly the same, but you’ll see beautiful truths weaved throughout.

And the Biblical Allusions to Jesus and Tabitha here are stunning!

Naaman’s servant girl has so much faith! Here’s a bit of Biblical fiction for kids, based on her story!

Here’s a collection of other great 4th-8th grade Biblical fiction adventures, many of them involving time travel!

Until Next Time, Love God, Love Books, Shine The Light!!

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