Living The Battle of the Bathsheba Bible Story Here and Now

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Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes to understand them. Dive deep into the Bathsheba Bible Story and walk away with new understanding!

Bathsheba in the Bible does seem to be a battleground story. You could argue about whether she was innocent as a lamb or guilty of every sin in the book. There’s also all of those crossroads David ignored, where he chose not to fight his desires.

But take the time to get to know more than just the Bathsheba Bible story, but also the woman behind them. See yourself in her, and wow!!

I was a little surprised when I saw just how much she and Hagar have in common, having just finished this wonderful Hagar Bible study.

The Bathseba Bible story is totally applicable to women today. We may not have been “taken by the king” in the same way as Bathsheba, but we have battles every day with shame, fear, trauma. We need to take the time for an emotional baggage check so we don’t carry around unnecessary baggage that comes with dealing with other people.

Come along with me as we “Read With Audra” and enjoy a Q&A session with the author after I share my review.

Facing the battle here and now, a Bathsheba Bible Study

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The Bathsheba Battle book cover: A Bathsheba Bible study

The Bathsheba Bible Story Examined

The Bathsheba Battle is not my first study of the Bathsheba Bible story. But I’m in a different place in life than I was last time. I am more mature, more experienced in life. Not as naive, and have the wounds to prove it. (Nothing Huge, but still significant)

The Bathsheba Battle has 12 short inspirational devotions (about a 5-minute read) that pack a punch. Each one walks you through a big truth and has excellent scripture with application questions at the end.

By choosing Bathsheba to bear the next king, God told her she was seen. He removed her Shame. He understood her pain and had a plan all along to redeem it. God revealed his own broken heart for what she had endured at the hands of someone else and brought beauty from ashes in a mighty way. The Bathsheba Battle.

Battle 1: Bathsheba in the Bible

Recognizing Bathsheba in the Bible as a real woman who went through a ton of ‘stuff’ is very helpful. The Bathseba Battle doesn’t gloss over anything, but doesn’t roll in the mud either.

The Bathsheba Battle: Shame Holds us captive, but releases our perception of reality

Battle 2: The Bathsheba Bible Story’s Shame

The Bathsheba Bible story is one that has often been used to cast shame. But we can, and should take a pace from the Bathsheba story, and refuse to own that shame.

Victims choose to stay in their pain with blame, while survivors choose to go use their pain for good (The Bathsheba Battle)

Battle 3: Trauma in the Bathsheba Bible Story

The lessons on shame and trauma were particularly helpful. Recently, I had the idea that Trauma or “Post Traumatic Stress” is something most everyone encounters. I do not in any way minimize what our soldiers are experiencing. But I want average ‘normal’ women to realize that we experience trauma too.

Recognizing that gives us the chance, the freedom to heal.

I received a copy of this book from @NetGalley and chose to review it here. all thoughts above are my own, and I would recommend this book to every Christian woman!

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Meet the Author

natalie-chambers-snapp author

Natalie Chambers Snapp is an author, blogger, and speaker known for her refreshing authenticity and practical approach to life and God’s Word. Not choosing to follow Jesus until the age of twenty-seven, she is passionate about sharing the grace, mercy, and truth of God’s love with others “regardless of your track record.” Her transparency and humor endear her to women of all ages. 

Snapp is the author of the book Heart Sisters: Be the Friend You Want to Have, Becoming Heart Sisters: A Bible Study on Authentic Friendships and The Bathsheba Battle: Finding Hope When Life Takes an Unexpected Turn. She has written for various blogs and online devotionals, including Proverbs 31. 

Snapp lives in West Lafayette, Indiana with her husband and their three children.

Learn more at

Woman praying, finding hope

Q: What is the single most important thing you hope readers will learn from their study of The Bathsheba Battle?

I wrote The Bathsheba Battle because so many women approached me after speaking engagements to confide that they relate so much to Bathsheba. Yet, there is little out there on this remarkable woman of Scripture!

My prayer is that those who are suffering will find hope in Bathsheba’s inspiring and remarkable story and choose to live as a survivor rather than a victim. I want others to see that they can emerge victorious and will if they place their hope and trust in God—who is closer to them during our periods of suffering than we can even imagine. Most of all, I simply want others to find hope, because hope is always present if we choose to see it.

Dive into the Bathsheba Bible Story Today

I hope you are ready to find hope today! The Bathsheba Bible story is unforgettable, and the way this particular Bathsheba Bible Study is written will bring home some powerful truth.

Please let me know if you’re ready for Battle! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Until Next Time, Love God, Love Books, Shine The Light!!

14 Comments on “Living The Battle of the Bathsheba Bible Story Here and Now”

  1. Such a great and thorough review of the book! I really enjoyed the interview with the author and her talk on shame, trauma, overcoming victim hood, and unexpected detours in life. Great read! ?

    1. The Bathsheba Battle is a remarkable book. And I love being able to share author interviews! Its such a great way to gain understanding! There’s so much more to the Bathsheba Bible story than I ever really considered before!

  2. Sounds like a great book and the review was so thorough, looking at Bathsheba from perspectives I had not considered. Thank you.

    1. You’re most welcome, Bathsheba is a more complex study than I thought before, but I was thrilled to be able to explore the story of Bathsheba in more detail than ever before.

    1. I agree. I always get mad when people say bad things about her.

      The Bathsheba Bible story has come to life for me with this study!
      I can relate to her more now on so many levels.

  3. You give the best reviews! I never saw Bathsheba in any way before (negative or positive) because I never considered her before. Thanks for bringing her into the light. There are many characters in the Bible that go unnoticed but we can learn so much from them. ❤

    1. I agree! We can always learn more than we realize. And Bathsheba’s story is no different. I’m grateful for the opportunity to read so many amazing books and learn from others. And its fun to be able to share things like this Bathsheba Bible study with you guys!

  4. What a great review Aryn! As the mom of a son who is 100% disabled with PTSD from combat, I really appreciated your thoughtful comment- “Recently, I had the idea that Trauma or “Post Traumatic Stress” is something most everyone encounters. I do not in any way minimize what our soldiers are experiencing. But I want average ‘normal’ women to realize that we experience trauma too.” I also loved Natalie’s comment on shame- “The first step in overcoming shame is identifying it. The second step is refusing to be a prisoner of shame by having grace with yourself.” I struggle with this, and so these were encouraging words to hear. Great review!

    1. There’s so much to the Bathsheba Bible story, that applies to all of us! It’s wonderful how God will use our willingness to learn!

      May I say THANK YOU for your son’s service and I will be praying for him, and you. I can’t begin to imagine what he has been through. And you, as his mother, have had plenty of trauma too!

      The trouble I have with shame is how easily we pick it up and own it! But God’s grace is sufficient for all of the above.

  5. This is great! Thank you for sharing this thorough review! It really seems like an interesting read.

  6. I feel like I relate more to Bathsheba than I would ever have thought before reading this post. It’s so true that we don’t have to live with shame even though we may have to live with the consequences of someone else’s actions.

    1. It’s true! I’m amazed at how much I’ve learned from Bathsheba’s story! I had always been on the sid3 of ‘she was innocent’ but never took it the next step to allow myself to identify with her trauma and healing.

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