Could There Be Good Dragons in the Bible?

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Dragons can teach us Faith

Do you like Dragons? I do. The good ones, anyway. If you give them half a chance, they can show you some of the best characteristics, the ones that inspire you to live as Jesus wants you to. And the bad dragons, well, they show you what the consequences are for bad choices, and what you REALLY don’t want to look like.

But, are there any Good dragons in the Bible? I know the dragons in the Bible, in Revelation at least, are NOT good. So Let’s take a quick look through a few ‘dragons in the Bible’ verses and see what we can find out.

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Are Dragons In the Bible? Specifically Good Dragons?

If we can have Wise Ants, Brave Mice, and other ‘good animals’ personified throughout stories and literature, why not dragons too?

Are there any good dragons in the Bible? Well, according to Answers in Genesis, Dragons in the old testament were real, powerful created animals.

There is a 14-minute video on that page, directly from the Creation Museum, that’s really good! It talks about dinosaurs and dragons with both Biblical and historical facts.

A Few Good Dragons in the Bible Verses

Here is an excellent chart listing the Old Testament references that could be translated as ‘DRAGON’ complete with physical characteristics. Very good Dragons in the Bible verses to consider.

The natural dragon, what I would consider to be good dragons in the Bible, are uniquely powerful, ‘king of the beasts’ if you will:

Job 41:33-34 NASB

Nothing on earth is like him, One made without fear. He looks on everything that is high; He is king over all the sons of pride.

Job 41:33-34 (NASB)

But just spend some time reading all of Job 41! You have everything from scales to strength, power, and smarts, fire-breathing…

Psalm 104:25-26 NLT

Here is the ocean, vast and wide,
    teeming with life of every kind,
    both large and small.
26 See the ships sailing along,
    and Leviathan, which you made to play in the sea.

Psalm 104:25-26

Leviathan, according to Strongs Concordance, could be translated Sea Monster or Dragon, and as you can see, it appears to be a playful creature!

What Good are Dragons Now?

You can have some of the Best Adventures with Dragons, especially when written from a Biblical parallel or Christian Allegories standpoint.

Sometimes it’s easier to see Truth, and Act on it, when you see it played out in a fantastical fiction format. When you see the good choices, and the not-so-good ones, acted out in front of you, sometimes it just makes more sense. Then it’s easier to apply.

Good Dragons for Younger Kids

When Dragons Hearts were Good by Buddy Davis is a picture book set shortly after creation, and before the fall. Friendly dragons (or dinosaurs) interacting with Adam and Eve. It gives a glimpse of something that was lost when Adam and Eve sinned. What paradise was like in the Garden of Eden, in a fun way.

In fact, the Answers in Genesis store has quite a few great, Bible-based dinosaur/dragon books and DVDs for kids of all ages.

Bryan Davis Does Good Dragons Well

Bryan Davis has written Good Dragons in just that kind of way. There are three connected series that build on each other. He has blended modern-day life and tech with Arthurian legend-complete with Dragons, Faith, Courage, Knights with swords, Betrayal, a Damsel in Distress (Although Bonnie is pretty tough! I wouldn’t count her out of the fight).

This is one storyline that grabs young and old alike, and you can’t put it down. Even for the kids who don’t like to read. It also leads to some pretty interesting Faith conversations if you read them aloud as a family.

I was introduced to this series by my Children’s Minister when I was 21 or 22. They were irresistible then and I couldn’t put them down the second time, either. I am looking forward to when my little guy is old enough to read them with me!

First, Dragons in Our Midst

Dragons in our Midst is recommended for ages 10 and up.
The first book, Raising Dragons is a book of discovery. It introduces us to the modern-day Dragons, and tells us a bit about their present and their past. These teens, Billy and Bonnie (you’ll learn to love them!) both feel betrayed, in different ways, by their fathers, and they have to deal with that.

They have to learn to trust, to show courage in some really tough situations. They also have to cope with unusual differences (Dragon Breath, and Dragon Wings, respectively). Honor drives a lot of this story, both for the good guys and the bad guys. I found that very eye-opening.

Of course, there is comic relief in Walter, who proves to be a very faithful friend. And doesn’t freak out when Billy heats his toaster pastry on the bus, with his Very Hot breath. The Professor is amazing. He is encouraging, smart, and very strong in his faith. Faith in God, and faith in Billy and Bonnie and their purpose and calling.

Once you’ve read Raising Dragons, you’ll more than likely be hooked, and NEED to read the rest of the series.

Dragons In Our Midst follows Billy and Bonnie through several amazing adventures, that defy our understanding of what is, and is not. We venture into dimensions and realms that teach us more of Biblical Values, God’s Love and Provision. You can get the Complete series Audio (Unabridged!!) here: Dragons in Our Midst

There is The Candlestone (Book 2) where they search for answers to many of the questions that were left unsolved in the first book, and cling to Faith because God is the Real Adventure!

Circles of Seven (Book 3) is a rescue mission, deep into the realms of evil, to save a group of prisoners, including Billy’s father.

Tears of a Dragon (Book 4) has the battle between Good and Evil right here in the ‘real world’ and is filled with action, and salvation, and ties up these 4 books as a good set. However…

Were There Good Dragons in the Bible, On the Ark Maybe?

Good Dragons in the Bible: Ever wonder if Dragons made it on the Ark?

Oracles of Fire is recommended for ages 12 and up.

The Eye of the Oracle takes us back to just before Noah’s Flood, and we get to follow the dragons from that time until now. It’s a fascinating look at the possibility of good dragons in the Bible.

We get to travel on the Ark, See the Tower of Babel up close and personal, a brief glimpse of the Holy Grail in A.D. 62, Arthur and Merlin and the Dragons. There is much of Honor and Trust and Faith here, but also Autarkeia, Contentment-Content with who we are, and patient as we wait to see what God will make of us. NOT EASY!

Mara, or Sapphira Adi, and Acacia. Two main characters from here on, are woven throughout the story. Wonderful girls who go through so much Evil, but come out the other side, not unscarred, but truly Faithful. We meet and get to know Noah’s lost grandson, too.

We do spend time with Morgan Le Faye (Morgana, Morgaine) in her underworld lair, and see her interference above ground, as is only right for any book dealing in Arthurian legend. This actually serves in most cases, for me at least, to be better able to recognize the methods and schemes used against me and mine. (Complete Unabridged Audio of the Oracles of Fire series here.)

Enoch’s Ghost (Book 2) has another search for a missing dragon, Giants (Nephilim) invading Earth, another world (Second Eden), willing sacrifice, Choosing sides (carefully), a New tower of Babel…

In the Last of the Nephilim (Book 3), because of a single lie (their equivalent to the forbidden fruit), Second Eden is able to be invaded by the Nephilim, leading to a cataclysmic war of the ages. Dragons on both sides, working hard for their Masters (Christ, and the devil).

Bones of Makaidos (Book 4) Ultimate sacrifice, second chances, Secret weapons, someone whose words prove true over and over, but, is she really trustworthy? Long Lost friends and family reunite just in time for the Battle for Heaven’s Gate, well, you can imagine the Joy.

The Future of Dragons and Dimensions

Children of the Bard (recommended for ages 12 and up) is the next Series in the saga, and it begins 15 years after the Bones of Makaidos ends. Because we have the advantage of knowing there are more books, (and we know they are Christian, therefore the assumption of Good Wins) we can guess at certain facts.

With that big of a time jump, I don’t want to spoil anything for you, so I’ll only list these titles with a hearty recommendation-A New Generation, New Quests, and plenty of our Old Friends throughout:

Song of the Ovulum (Book 1)

From the Mouth of Elijah (Book 2)

The Seventh Door (Book 3)

Omega Dragon (Book 4)

Could Dragons Teach us to be more Faithful? An Amazing Adventure of Honor and Courage

What Do You Think About Good Dragons in The Bible? Or Even Dragons In Our Midst?

Whether or not there are “Good dragons in the Bible” I think these are some really good dragons in YA Teen Fiction!

These books all contain some of the best Christian Values lived out that I’ve ever read, in a fun format. Complete with Drama, Action, Adventure, Mystery, Hope, Faith, and more, I can’t say enough good things about this series.

I hope you’ll give them a try! If you do, or already have, Please tell me what you think! And share this with any teens who like action and sci-fi, but don’t seem interested in reading. It might just be the hook they needed!

Until Next Time, Love God, Love Books, Shine The Light!!

20 Comments on “Could There Be Good Dragons in the Bible?”

  1. I haven’t read them all. But the ones I’ve read were fantastic. It was a cool adventure to share with my 10 year old (then) son.

  2. My son has always enjoyed drawing dragons. The fact that they are found in medieval folklore makes them interesting to me, although I do see a dragon in Revelation that I don’t like.

    1. Of Course! 🙂
      Oh, fun! (I’m thinking we’re having either a lego or Lightning McQueen party next)

    1. There is so much out there these days, that is actually good clean fun, and inspiring at the same time, It’s exciting!

  3. What a great suggestion for young readers. It is difficult to find good fiction that entertains them and builds character.

  4. I like that these have Christian values. I like to get my kids engaged and talk through the points. These books sound engaging.

  5. This is great to see, simply because it is hard being a Christian teen who loves dragons. Finding a good dragon book that doesn’t involve magic, witchcraft, sorcery. And other things. I enjoy the Lord of The Ring Series because it compiles of fictional medieval fantasy but has good Christian morales. After Study I concluded that J.r.R Tolkien was a Christian and a friend to C.S Lewis the creator of Narnia. Which is another fictional Christian fantasy novel series.

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