How to Find Hope with These Christian Authors

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We often struggle with knowing how to find hope. It sometimes seems like finding hope is Mission Impossible. We are drowning in daily life: endless “mom routines” of cooking, cleaning and laundry, teaching, etc. And we don’t even know when we will be able to sneak in a shower (oh wait, I wasn’t supposed to share That much with you, oops!).

Seriously though, I am happy to tell you that when we take the time to look, finding hope in God is Totally Possible

As your resident Library-an, I want to show you how to find hope when things feel hopeless by pointing to some quality Christian authors. In most of these books, you’ll find laughter, tears, growth opportunities, plenty to think about and learn from.

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Sunset over the ocean, Romans 5:3-5

First, What is Hope?

For the purpose of this post, let’s establish a definition. What is hope? I’m talking about a Joyful Expectation, Confident that God is Faithful.

For instance, I have hope that God will never leave me, and will give me rest (exactly what this exhausted mama needs to know!)

What is hope NOT? It’s not wishful thinking.

For example, “I hope we can go to The Melting Pot for dinner next week!” when that’s not even close to the budget/schedule restraints.

Finding hope is like finding treasure, along with so many other gifts God freely gives us. Lets explore these wonderful authors and their books. Most of them don’t claim to offer hope, but it’s there just the same! Hope that will connect you with your Identity, your Purpose, your Savior, and your Family. If you are ready for finding hope in God, let’s go!

Man reaching for the stars to fill a bucket with light. How to find hope in God.

Finding Hope for Reclaiming Your Identity

Stasi Eldridge is the author of many books, alone and with her husband John. They have several marriage books, Love and War, among others.

Stasi has 2 books, in particular, Captivating-(which I have not had the opportunity to read yet) and Becoming Myself, (which I am currently reading for the second time) that are for women in most any life stage. What I’ve gotten from Becoming Myself, is becoming the person God dreamed up before the beginning of time.

It’s about recognizing the woman God sees, as well as the woman life has created. The people and the circumstances that built our reflex responses and inner recordings that replay.

If we can truly see these pictures, we can make strides, becoming, joining the process of moving towards that first Identity. By Depending on God. Doesn’t that sound like finding Hope to you?

Becoming Myself: There Is Hope

How to Find Hope For Reclaiming Your Life

Lysa TerKeurst has written several books and Bible studies. The 2 I’ve participated in so far have been fantastic!

I first read The Best Yes: Making Wise Decisions in the Midst of Endless Demands about a year ago, and was very impressed. This one helps you reclaim control of your time, talents and treasures. Regain control from any demands that are not of God.

She helped me see the difference between Good and Best, evaluating ALL of the costs before committing to something (mental, physical, financial, time, etc) and more.

Very helpful, enlightening, and definitely encouraging, that there’s hope. We don’t have to be driven by circumstances, we can choose! And if we choose wisely, we can teach the next generation to make wise choices, and know how to find Hope from our example.

Uninvited, now that doesn’t really sound hopeful, but listen, you’d be surprised. Lysa shares some hard truths, eye opening experiences, and purposeful scriptures that weave together to create hope.

If I look at my dreams, desires, and hopes for the future as coming from a place of scarcity, and the world’s limited supply, it will constantly feed the notion that someone else’s success is a threat to mine. In other words, this person getting opportunities means less opportunity for me…….That’s not Wisdom. That’s Fear. That is not how we are to process life. We are to process life by looking up to the Lord and INTO HIS WORD for wisdom.

It both surprises me and doesn’t surprise me at all, how easily we let our fears control us. I do it far more than I’d like to admit. Especially after “Fear Not, For I am with thee, Be not dismayed for I am thy God!”

If our God is with us, for us, honestly, who can be against us? And yet. That nagging voice telling us we’re not loved, we don’t matter, etc. There is Hope. Lysa offers some heartfelt hope, simple suggestions, scarcity turned into abundance!

Check out the full title of this book: Uninvited: Living Loved When You Feel Less Than, Left Out, and Lonely. Yes, It’s Possible! I’ve tasted it. I’m not successful always, but sometimes 🙂 I am finding hope!


Finding Hope in God: The Holy Spirit’s Guidance

I am currently in the middle of Catherine Marshall’s The Helper and Wow! This is a book about the Holy Spirit, His purpose (hint, it’s not about us, and yet it is) and the changed life.

He is available to us today. It’s easy enough to say Of course He’s available now, but do we act like we believe it?

Our Actions Declare our Beliefs.

The Spirit cannot guide us however, as long as we insist on finding our own way. It is as if we, groping along in the dark, are offered a powerful lantern to light our path, but refuse it, preferring to stumble along striking one flickering match after the other.

Instead, first we have to ask the Spirit to lead us, Then by an act of will place our life situations and our future in His hands; and then trust that He will get his Instructions through to us.

The Helper is both an examination of the Holy Spirit’s job description and actions, and a guide for drawing closer. She explains things very clearly, has scripture for you to read, that helps you fit together the verses about the Holy Spirit, and really grasp a better picture.

I’m very excited to be reading this book, and sharing it with you! Finding hope in God the Holy Spirit, our comfort and guide is something awesome!

My Hope Toolbox. Finding hope in God

Finding Hope in a Whisper

Mark Batterson has written several great books that have helped me with finding hope in God. Specifically, in communicating with God.

I’ll be talking more about the Circle Maker collection in an upcoming post which I will share with you soon. That’s on how to pray with faith.

But today I want to share about Whisper: How to Hear the Voice of God.

I don’t know about you, but this is one area I struggle with. Both praying confidently, and hearing God. But Mark points out some things that make me feel like its within the realm of possibility for me.

Listening to that whisper, that still small voice, the persistent call to something good, is actually what led to this blog. Several years ago, I was unable to shake the pull to share my love of Christian books through blogging. One example was this conversation among my friends, afraid to read biblical fiction.

I rarely read blogs, and had no idea what I was doing, but the joy and growth that have come, are conformation that I heard correctly.

Whisper is written so well that though it is nonfiction, it is full of stories and real world examples and you don’t get bored or bogged down. It makes finding hope in God and His still small voice understandable and simpler than we tend to think.

Finding Hope in Christian Fiction 

BONUS: 2 Hope Filled Devotionals


Finding Hope Together

If you need a fresh dose of Hope, why not try one of these books? Whatever is going on, God’s Got It! I think you’ll find more hope than you thought possible, and more than just hope: encouragement, inspiration, and practical ideas as well!

If you’re looking for Musical hope, Julie over at Unmasking The Mess has a post called 10 Christian Songs For When You Need Hope, and a great list!

What’s your favorite book or verse for when you need a boost of hope? Please comment below, I’d love to hear it, and add it to my reading list!

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    1. It seemed like an important topic. God is the source of hope, but he freely uses us to spread it around. Even just a smile at the grocery store, but thsee books are packed with Hope.

  1. I love Captivating and Becoming Me. I have read other Lysa Terkeurst book’s but Uninvited is still on my to-read list. Your description may have moved it up the list a bit! Thank you for the other recommendations as well. God bless!

  2. Thanks for all the books and reviews! I need to read faster because I have added more books to my list because of this post!

  3. Haven’t read many of these so thank you for the list! My favorite parenting resource is “Parenting” by Paul Tripp. It is fabulous! <3

    1. Book nerds are the best! We have more fun and experience and learn so much more, for less $ than non readers!

  4. What an amazing list! The Best Yes and Captivating are two of my favorite books to give to my young women’s bible study girls. Uninvited is one I still haven’t read, but have heard amazing things! ? Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!

    1. That’s awesome! Helping young women with how to find Hope, hopefully before the crisis) , is such an excellent thing to do!

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